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Pregnancy and breastfeeding

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Provide your body with essential nutrients during pregnancy and breastfeeding

Pregnancy and breastfeeding are full of surprises and anticipation. But they are also a special challenge for the body of the expectant mother, after all, two lives now have to be well cared for. We at Vitaminexpress would like to specifically support you in supplying yourself with the most important nutrients for pregnancy and breastfeeding:

Pregnancy and breastfeeding are full of surprises and anticipation. But they are also a special challenge for the body of the expectant mother, after all, two lives now have to be well cared for. We at Vitaminexpress would like to specifically support you in supplying yourself with the most important nutrients for pregnancy and breastfeeding:

  • Our products are based on the needs of expectant and nursing mothers, and the ingredients correspond to the latest scientific recommendations
  • Particularly important during pregnancy and breastfeeding are for example:
    • Folic acid
    • Magnesium
    • Omega-3 fatty acids
    • Iodine
    • Vitamins

You can consume many valuable ingredients with a balanced diet. Especially in times of increased need - and pregnancy and breastfeeding are very good examples of these times - this is often not enough. A supplementary intake often makes sense then.

We have put together our best supplements for you in a pleasant dosage form and at a good price-performance ratio.

Natural ingredients without additives: Convince yourself of our preparations

We place high demands on our products. That is why Vitaminexpress stands for high quality, after all, it is about your health and that of your child's. The best is just good enough. You can therefore rely on the following product properties with our preparations for pregnancy and breastfeeding:

  • Valuable Ingredients: Science knows best what pregnant and breastfeeding women need. That is why our product range consists of ingredients that have been scientifically proven that their need is increased during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • Optimal dosage: The respective dose and dosage recommendation is also based on current scientific recommendations and is detailed in every product description.
  • Modern production: We rely exclusively on modern and certified production processes. This also applies to the raw materials that we obtain from a proven network of suppliers with whom we have been working together for a long time.
  • Quality controls: All Vitaminexpress products are subject to constant tests by independent and certified laboratories. You can rely on the consistently high quality of all articles.
  • Additives: What is important for everyone is even more important during pregnancy and breastfeeding: Chemical additives such as colourings and preservatives are absolutely undesirable and therefore not contained in our food supplements.
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans: You will look in vain for animal products as well as animal experiments in the development and manufacturing process. At Vitaminexpress, we consistently do without both.
  • Free from allergens: Even if you are allergic to certain products, you can use our products without hesitation, because they are free from allergens.

It is not our aim to be among the cheapest providers, but we do aim to be among the best. And even if we only use the best ingredients, we can offer you our products for pregnancy and breastfeeding at absolutely fair prices. See for yourself.

Useful supplements to support your health during pregnancy and breastfeeding

Our products for pregnancy and breastfeeding contain exactly the ingredients that you urgently need during these times. The following supplements in particular:

  • Folic acid: The additional intake of folic acid increases the maternal folate status. Low maternal folate status is a risk factor for developing neural tube defects in the developing fetus.[1]
  • Magnesium: The trace element is responsible for countless cell processes, even during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Therefore, you should always consume it in sufficient quantities.
  • Iodine : A sufficient intake of iodine is extremely important for the healthy development of the child. Remember that the iodine requirement is even higher during breastfeeding than during pregnancy.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids: They are also very important for expectant mothers and especially for the development of the nervous system of the unborn child

In general, the intake of sufficient vitamins, minerals and trace elements is very important - both during pregnancy and during the following breastfeeding period. We offer you the multivitamin preparations from Vitaminexpress especially for this purpose.

Ensure an adequate supply and use our supplements, which have been specially developed for the needs of a mother and child.

A sufficient supply of folic acid is essential for pregnant women

Folic acid performs numerous important tasks in the human body. For example, it contributes to the growth of maternal tissue during pregnancy. [1]

According to studies, an adequate intake even protects against congenital heart defects in the child and should be able to prevent premature births. In general, folic acid is important for the growth and differentiation processes of the embryo and fetus.

You can therefore trust our folic acid product BioActive Folate.

With magnesium, you can contribute to the maintenance of normal body processes during pregnancy

Magnesium is particularly popular with athletes as a proven remedy for muscle cramps. But pregnancy and breastfeeding are also a kind of competitive sport, at least for your body. Accordingly, you should make sure that you have an adequate intake of magnesium.

Magnesium is involved in many physical processes, especially during pregnancy. Studies show that an adequate intake of this trace element canreduce the risk of the following pregnancy complications:

  • Very low birth weight
  • Premature birth
  • Pre-eclampsia

We at Vitaminexpress have put togetherseveral magnesium supplements for you in order to be able to offer you an optimal selection for breastfeeding and pregnancy. Take a closer look at the following products on the corresponding product pages:

Our multivitamin preparations support you and your child with important nutrients

It is widely known that vitamins are very healthy. So it is hardly surprising that they are also very important during pregnancy and the subsequent breastfeeding period.

  • Vitamin B : In addition to folic acid, there are many other B vitamins. It is known that vitamins B2 and B6, and also folic acid, can reduce the risk of later psychosocial and behavioural problems in children.
  • Vitamin C: The vitamin C requirement during breastfeeding is 150 mg/d and thus 50 mg higher than is otherwise the case for women. [10] The daily requirement during pregnancy is around 110 mg.
  • Vitamin D: Changed living conditions such as staying inside for longer periods of time can lead to less sunlight, which is a prerequisite for the formation of vitamin D. By getting enough vitamin D during pregnancy, you can reduce the risk of premature births, growth problems and weak bones in the baby.
  • Vitamin E: This vitamin is a normal component of breast milk. Various factors, e.g. obesity can lead to a lower vitamin E content in milk. In order to achieve the recommended daily dose of 19 mg, a supplement can be useful.

Trace elements such as iron and copper are also important for a healthy pregnancy and for breastfeeding. You can support important body processes and prevent deficiency symptoms with the following combination preparations:

Cover your increased iodine requirement during breastfeeding with the marine capsules

During pregnancy, but especially during breastfeeding, the iodine requirement is significantly higher. For the child, a sufficient iodine intake through breast milk means that itsthyroid hormone storages are adequately filled.

In addition to this, iodine contributes to a normal energy metabolism, the normal function of the nervous system and the normal growth of the child.[1] You can therefore trust the iodine capsules from Vitaminexpress.

Omega 3 supplementation can have a positive effect on the last trimester of your pregnancy

The fact that fat is unhealthy per se has long been refuted. Omega 3, for example, can have positive effects on the last trimester of your pregnancy by

  • decreasing the risk of a premature birth
  • supporting the cognitive and neurological development of the child

Our Omega 3 Vegan DHA capsules made from algae provide you with valuable fatty acids.

Buy your new preparation for pregnancy and breastfeeding at Vitaminexpress and benefit from these advantages

Valuable ingredients for your body during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Vitaminexpress has put together a large selection of preparations for you, from which you and your child can benefit. Based on the latest scientific findings, an absolute top quality product is our goal. Benefit from our attractive additional services:

  • Satisfaction guarantee: Your satisfaction is what drives us, that's why we do our best every day. If you are still not satisfied, you can simply send us the product back or exchange it without stating a reason.
  • Price-performance ratio: Our aim is not to be the cheapest provider. High quality has its price of course. Nevertheless, we can offer you our preparations at fair prices. Vitaminexpress stands for an excellent price-performance ratio.
  • Bulk discount: Well prepared for pregnancy and breastfeeding. Therefore, if you would like to stock up, we will grant you attractive bulk discounts. Doing something for the health of mother and child should definitely also be worthwhile for the wallet.

Neither during pregnancy nor during the subsequent breastfeeding period should you and your child be lacking anything. A healthy lifestyle can be perfectly complemented by our products specifically developed for the needs of (expectant) mothers. See for yourself!

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