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Sango Marine Coral - Deacidified with natural calcium plus 73 other minerals

Coral calcium can neutralize harmful acids and thus promote the body's self-healing powers.

If you are looking to buy Sango marine coral, you have come to the right place. Here you will find Sango marine coral products of the highest quality from Okinawa, guaranteed free of unwanted additives in tested quality. Before you buy Sango marine coral capsules, powder or tablets, here you will find out what to consider.

In addition to calcium, the Sango Marine Coral provides 73 other minerals and trace elements in a natural, easily absorbable form. It can compensate for a lack of calcium and magnesium, reduce acidification in the body and, together with vitamins D and K, prevent osteoporosis.

Calcium is one of the most important minerals in the human body and is particularly important for building strong bones and teeth.

The powder obtained from ground marine corals is also known as Sango Coral Calcium or coral calcium. This powder is particularly rich in calcium and magnesium in a ratio of 2:1. Unlike conventional calcium, the calcium in Sango marine coral is ionized and therefore can be easily absorbed by the body.

What is Sango Marine Coral Powder?

  • Finely ground powder, which is obtained from fossil corals
  • It is rich in natural calcium and magnesium at a ratio of 2:1
  • It contains a total of 74 minerals and trace elements
  • It helps reduce the acidity of the body
  • It is a natural food supplement

What is the effect of the Sango marine coral

The Sango Marine Coral powder is dissolved in water and transported into the body or taken in the form of a capsule. It consists to a large extent of organic, natural calcium, which has already been ionized by nature. This allows it to penetrate the cells particularly well and has a positive effect on the body's mineral balance.

If the body is not adequately supplied with trace elements and minerals for years due to improper nutrition, the organism becomes over-acidic. The results are rapid cell ageing and a dysfunctional metabolism.

By supplying calcium, the acid-base balance is regulated again and general well-being improves.

Sango marine coral is recommended:

  • For the prevention of osteoporosis
  • To support growth in adolescents and also children
  • Against dental problems
  • For a disturbed metabolism
  • To support the metabolism
  • If there is a lack of calcium and other minerals

Where can you find the Sango marine coral?

Sango Marine Coral is a natural food supplement. Reefs and natural habitats are not destroyed during mining. Since the powder of the Sango Marine Coral is tasteless, it can be added to all types of foods. Sango Marine Coral is available in various forms for use as a dietary supplement.

How does a calcium deficiency manifest itself?

A calcium deficiency manifests itself in many ways. Damaged tooth enamel, fatigue, frequent bone fractures, or osteoporosis diagnosed by the doctor are just a few of the signs.

Quick irritability, a tingling sensation under the skin, inner restlessness and increased blood pressure indicate a lack of calcium. The symptoms of a deficiency usually only appear after a longer period of time.

This is because calcium is involved in long-term processes. In order to prevent a deficiency that slowly sets in, it is therefore recommended to additionally supply the body with calcium. Sango Marine Coral is particularly suitable as a dietary supplement.

Sango marine coral intake:

The Sango Marine Coral is used for a wide variety of complaints and can be taken in addition to food at any time. The recommended daily dose is around 2 grams of Sango Marine Coral. This corresponds to 400 mg of pure calcium.

In order to replenish the body's calcium deposits, the Sango Marine Coral should be consumed for at least three months. The tasteless and odourless food supplement can be added to water or mixed with food. However, many people prefer to take it in capsule form.

For whom is the Sango Marine Coral particularly important?

  • For children and teenagers
  • For older people
  • For people with osteoporosis
  • For people with increased stress
  • For diabetics
  • For people with bone problems
  • For weakened teeth
  • If there is a proven lack of calcium and other minerals

What experts say about the Sango Marine Coral:

The minerals and trace elements contained in the Sango Marine Coral have a similar effect to other naturally or chemically obtained substances. The difference, however, lies in the better usability that the Sango Marine Coral powder offers the body.

Studies have shown that more than 85% of Sango Marine Corals are absorbed and used directly by the body. Due to the natural ionization, the intestine can direct the calcium directly into the blood. Compared to other food supplements, the Sango Marine Coral is particularly effective.

Does Sango Marine Coral have any side effects or interactions:

There are no interactions with medication when taking the recommended intake of 3 grams of Sango Marine Coral per day.

What can't be used by the body is excreted naturally. Sango Marine Coral can be consumed permanently in the recommended amount.

In order for the calcium, which is contained in the Sango Marine Corals, to actually be absorbed by the body, a sufficient amount of vitamin D3 and K2 must be present in the body at the same time. If not enough vitamin K2 is supplied through food or if not enough vitamin D3 is formed in the skin through exposure to sunlight, then this should be taken in the form of dietary supplements. This is particularly necessary when taking calcium for a long time, otherwise, there is a risk that the calcium will be deposited in the arteries.

It is not necessary to interrupt the intake, as it is a natural vital substance that is well absorbed by the body and used directly. If the Sango Marine Coral is taken for therapy, a consultation with a doctor is recommended.

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