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There are vital substances in the form of food supplements that, like anti-depressants, have the property of raising the serotonin deficiency in the brain again.


Cardiovascular Health

Protect your heart and arteries. Studies show that magnesium, vitamin K2, omega 3, coenzyme Q10, B vitamins and ribose, for example, can protect the cardiovascular system and keep it going.



Strengthen your energy reserves in a targeted manner during stressful phases. The human body needs to be supplied with sufficient energy every day. Give your body what it urgently needs...


Omega 3

Omega 3 is known as the wonder-worker among vital substances because it has such a positive effect on health in general. Research shows that omega 3 helps to prevent heart disease...


Ubiquinol Q10

A deficiency of Q10 was noted in 75% of all patients with heart disease. On the other hand it was found that people with a healthy heart have enough Coenzyme Q10…



Our team of experts, such as doctors, nutritionists and pharmacists, provide you with valuable information to encourage you to do more for your health and vitality.

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