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Use our preparations to support vitalization of your libido

A fulfilled love life is part of a relationship and also makes a decisive contribution to the quality of life. But sometimes you go through phases in which your head is not at all longing for tenderness and sexuality. Long-lasting stress, worries or other 'impassions' that life brings with it from time to time also have a negative effect on the libido, e.g. sexual desire.

A fulfilled love life is part of a relationship and also makes a decisive contribution to the quality of life. But sometimes you go through phases in which your head is not at all longing for tenderness and sexuality. Long-lasting stress, worries or other 'impassions' that life brings with it from time to time also have a negative effect on the libido, e.g. sexual desire.


  • health problems,
  • medications or
  • mental problems

can affect your desire. In any case, it is important that you address the cause of a lack of libido.

In addition to this, Vitaminexpress offers you various preparations with which you can support your libido in a natural way.

Our most important natural products for supporting vitalization of your libido are:

  • Maca root: Also known under the name Peru Ginseng. The extracts of this plant develop the effect of a natural aphrodisiac.
  • Green oats: Folk medicine already values the plant used as tea as a natural means of increasing libido.
  • Nettle root: Only moderately popular as a full-grown plant due to its burning properties, the root extracts of Urtica, as nettle is called in technical jargon, can have positive effects on sexual desires by influencing certain hormones.
  • Pomegranate: Men with erectile dysfunction in particular benefit from pomegranate juice, which is said to increase potency in a natural way.

If you have long-term problems with sexuality, you should definitely consult a doctor. Most of the time, the cause is harmless and you will be amazed at how many natural ways there are to help your love life get going again.

Natural ingredients for additional support of your libido

Nature is also commonly referred to as a pharmacy. If you look at what she has in store for additional support of your libido alone, it quickly becomes clear that this term is not an exaggeration.

We at Vitaminexpress make targeted use of nature and offer you a large selection of preparations with which you can gently improve your love life. We focus on the highest quality, because your health and well-being are important to us.

For example, you can benefit from the following advantages of our products:

  • Ingredients: These are precisely tailored so that you can achieve the best possible effect. The ingredients correspond to the current scientific status and are all well investigated and of plant-based origin.
  • Purity: Thanks to modern and certified manufacturing processes, we guarantee absolutely pure products. The production processes are carried out with the most modern technology.
  • Biological availability: All of our products have excellent biological availability so that your organism can optimally absorb, utilize and use them.
  • Optimal dosage: The preparations from Vitaminexpress are all dosed in such a way that it corresponds to current scientific recommendations.
  • No chemical additives: Our products to support the libido do not contain any preservatives, colourings or other additives.
  • Quality controls: A number of certified and independent laboratories continuously check our products for their impeccable quality.
  • Suitable for allergy sufferers: We can offer you products that are free from allergens. Even if you have an allergy, you can use it without hesitation.
  • Vegan: We do not use any animal ingredients nor animal testing, Vitaminexpress products are therefore also ideal for vegetarians and vegans.

High quality at fair prices: Try our natural preparations to increase libido. More detailed information on the individual products can be found on the respective product pages of Vitaminexpress.

Maca capsules: A combination of powerful plant-based lust makers

The Maca plant originally comes from the Peruvian Andes and is still grown there today. It is the basis for our Maca capsules, which contain even more valuable ingredients. These represent a perfect combination for more fun in sex - for women and men.

Our maca capsules have numerous advantages:

  • natural boost for the love life of both sexes
  • practically free from side effects
  • rich in patented maca extract
  • also contains extracts of green oats and nettles
  • promotes blood flow to the genital organs
  • increases the sexual desire

Be sure to try our Maca capsules, your powerful plant-based lust maker.

Use the maca root as a natural aphrodisiac

Valued as a natural aphrodisiac for thousands of years, the positive effects of the maca root on sexuality have now been clearly proven by studies. It is known, for example, that the Peru Ginseng

  • can increase sexual desire,
  • can increase the number and motility of sperm cells and
  • can improve mild erectile dysfunction. [6]

For the latter effect, further examinations are necessary and if erectile dysfunction persists, a doctor should definitely be consulted. An attempt with the maca root is definitely worthwhile, especially because of the other favourable properties.

Green oats as a herbal remedy to increase desire

You can use green oats (Avena sativa) as a herbal remedy to increase desire. That is why we added extracts of the popular medicinal plant to our Maca capsules. Scientists name the green oat in the same breath as other libido-increasing plants such as the earth's root thorn, ginkgo and resin clover.

Various scientific studies also call the cereal a potent testosterone booster. This means that green oats can boost the body's own production of the male sex hormone testosterone.

You can support your libido through the extract of the nettle root

As unpleasant as contact with the nettle can be, it has been valued as a medicinal plant for centuries. Perhaps you have already enjoyed this herb, which is also common in this country, as a tea. Nettle root extracts can also do a lot for your love life.

Love and sexuality are often referred to as 'the most beautiful thing in the world' and certainly not without good reason. Behind this experience of romance and vitality, however, is a complex system of hormones and other biochemical compounds.

This is exactly where the nettle has a beneficial effect on various substances that are important for libido and sexuality. Specifically, among other things, the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone is inhibited. In addition to this, the nettle ensures that more free sex hormones circulate in the body and are therefore available.

In this context, scientists have even more confidence in the plant. Intensive research is being carried out into a possible use in benign prostate enlargement (benign prostatic hyperplasia). The evidence on this is currently still relatively low.

Unlike the topic of sexuality, where you can try the nettle with a clear conscience.

The maca powder contains important nutrients to support your energy balance

Lack of energy is a cause of decreased desire. That is why our maca powder is rich in important nutrients to support your energy balance:

  • Niacin contributes to a normal energy metabolism and to the reduction of tiredness and exhaustion.
  • Vitamin C contributes to a normal energy metabolism and to the reduction of tiredness and exhaustion.
  • Potassium contributes to the maintenance of normal blood pressure and the normal functioning of the nervous system.
  • Calcium contributes to normal energy metabolism.
  • Magnesium contributes to the reduction of tiredness and exhaustion, to a normal energy metabolism and to a balanced electrolyte balance.
  • Iron contributes to normal oxygen transport in the body, to the reduction of tiredness and exhaustion and to normal energy metabolism. [12]

Our organic maca powder contains 100% natural extracts from the maca plant. You can also benefit from the following product advantages:

  • rich in valuable amino acids and minerals
  • full action spectrum in raw food quality
  • ideal for mixing with juices or water and as an ingredient for smoothies and baked goods
  • ingredients from controlled organic cultivation
  • high quality vital substances for all age groups

Convince yourself and use our organic maca powder.

Make a contribution to a fulfilling love life with pomegranate

Well known as a delicious and pretty-looking ingredient in dishes and cocktails, the pomegranate also makes a contribution to a fulfilling love life. This is due to its valuable ingredients, above all the so-called punicalagin.

The fruit can affect sexuality in several ways:

  • can improve erectile dysfunction
  • can ensure better sperm quality
  • can increase the body's own testosterone production [13]

The effects of pomegranate have been so well studied that urology is also interested in possible other areas of application for the fruit, which comes from Central Asia.

You can therefore rely on our pomegranate capsules with the following benefits:

  • very high punicalagin content
  • standardized extracts of pomegranate
  • scientifically proven effects
  • Guaranteed no genetic engineering

Give your libido a natural boost - for example with the pomegranate capsules from Vitaminexpress.

The more you buy, the more you save: Take advantage of our advantageous bulk discounts

Support your love life in a natural way - our high-quality products for libido make this possible. Our daily aim is to offer you the best possible quality. This also includes attractive offers:

  • A bulk discount if you buy a large number of our Vitaminexpress products at the same time
  • An excellent price-performance ratio, because although we focus on top quality, we can offer you all products at fair prices
  • The Vitaminexpress satisfaction guarantee, which allows you to return products to us without stating a reason, should you ever be unsatisfied

We do our best every day to keep you satisfied - and so you can have a fulfilled love life with the power of nature.

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