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Fight off burnout and enjoy life again

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Vitality Nutritionals


Probiotic capsules of a new generation to support a healthy gut flora

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Rhodiola Royal

Vitality Nutritionals

Rhodiola Royal

Feel the energy of the Siberian tiger with Rhodiola Rosea

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L-Theanin 200mg

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L-Theanin 200mg

L-Theanine capsules in high doses - 100% natural from green tea

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Vitality Nutritionals

L-Theanin 100mg

L-Theanine capsules - as calming as meditation

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Lavender Royal

Lavender Royal for more inner peace and balance

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Valerian 800 mg

Healthy, restorative sleep

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How to deal with burnout

Though burnout is commonly associated with feelings of exhaustion related to work, it can also arise from stressful situations that aren’t work-related. Caring for sick family members, ongoing family commitments and financial stress can bring on feelings of burnout as well.

There is good scientific evidence suggesting supplements can help to relieve the signs and symptoms of burnout.

There is good scientific evidence suggesting supplements can help to relieve the signs and symptoms of burnout.

Though burnout is commonly associated with feelings of exhaustion related to work, it can also arise from stressful situations that aren’t work-related. Caring for sick family members, ongoing family commitments and financial stress can bring on feelings of burnout as well.

Prolonged stress and constant adrenal fatigue can drain the body of energy, leading to a condition known as burnout.

Some research has suggested that people who suffer from long-term burnout can experience chemical changes in their bodies. These chemical changes can remain even after feelings of burnout have subsided.

Burnout signs and symptoms

If you're suffering from burnout, it's likely you'll be experiencing one or more of the following signs and symptoms:

  • Feeling drained, exhausted, run down and stressed
  • Lacking in energy
  • Increased fatigue and feelings of tiredness
  • Physical symptoms including gastrointestinal upsets
  • Difficulty waking in the morning
  • Increased reliance on stimulants (e.g. caffeine, alcohol and drugs)

If your feelings of burnout are related to ongoing work stress, you may also be experiencing:

  • Loss of interest in work, including your everyday tasks
  • Negative attitude towards your working environment
  • Feelings of frustration towards your colleagues
  • Impacted work performance
  • Urge to disengage from work

If you're burned out, you'll probably be in a negative state of mind and feeling apathetic towards life in general. It's likely you'll be unable to concentrate on everyday tasks as well as work-related tasks.

Experiencing burnout for long periods of time can impact your overall health and wellbeing - both physically and emotionally.

Benefits of relieving burnout with supplements

There is good scientific evidence suggesting supplements can help to relieve the signs and symptoms of burnout. Some supplements specifically target burnout by helping to curb symptoms related to ongoing stress, anxiety and mood.

Research indicates the following herbs and supplements can help to relieve various forms of burnout as well as symptoms related to burnout:

  • Rhodiola rosea can help to improve performance and mood under stress
  • Ashwagandha can help to reduce the effects of stress related to adrenal fatigue and burnout
  • L-Theanine releases neurotransmitters which can help to combat anxiety

Rhodiola rosea for burnout

Rhodiola rosea, a perennial flowering plant, can help to improve performance and mood in stressed individuals. Research has also suggested it can help to relieve work-related burnout and fatigue.

In one study, 66 patients experiencing high levels of work-related stress took a Rhodiola rosea supplement or placebo. After 28 days, the patients who took the supplement showed improved mood, mental performance, cognitive function and fatigue.

According to the researchers, Rhodiola rosea exerts an anti-fatigue effect that increases mental performance, particularly the ability to concentrate. Rhodiola rosea also decreases cortisol response to awakening stress in fatigued burnout patients.

Rhodiola rosea can help to:

  • Significantly improve mental performance and mood related to stress
  • Relieve work-related burnout
  • Relieve fatigue

Ashwagandha for burnout

Ashwagandha (Withania somnifer) is an Indian herb used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine to combat adrenal stress and fatigue. As an adaptogen, it's taken in supplement form mainly for its anti-anxiety properties. Ashwagandha works by reducing cortisol concentrations and the immunosuppressive effects of stress.

There is evidence suggesting ashwagandha can help with chronic stress as well as anxiety not related to stress. Studies have indicated that supplementing with ashwagandha can lower anxiety levels, improve immune function and improve sleep.

Some research has also indicated Ashwagandha may offer the following health benefits:

  • Improve certain symptoms related to Attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  • Reduce blood sugar related to diabetes
  • Reduce cholesterol levels
  • Improve sperm quality
  • Improve symptoms of arthritis

Ashwagandha can help to:

  • Reduce the immunosuppressive effects of stress
  • Lower anxiety levels

L-Theanine and burnout

L-Theanine, an amino acid present in green tea helps to bring on feelings of calm and relaxation. L-Theanine stimulates the release of neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin which help to combat anxiety.

L-Theanine also helps to produce alpha waves in the brain which assist with concentration during relaxation 30 minutes to one hour after ingestion.

L-Theanine can help to:

  • Reduce anxiety levels
  • Increase feelings of relaxation

Who can benefit from taking a supplement to relieve burnout?

Herbs and supplements can help you to adapt to stress if you're experiencing symptoms related to burnout for a long period of time.

If you're chronically stressed, it can be difficult to find the energy to make the positive lifestyle changes needed to overcome burnout.

Supplementation may be beneficial if you're experiencing any of the following:

  • Feeling tired all the time and can't perform even the most basic tasks
  • Have lost all motivation for work-related tasks
  • Are finding it difficult to concentrate for long periods of time
  • Can't be bothered with your social life
  • Feel empty and are lacking emotion and empathy
  • Have no motivation

Do burnout supplements have side effects?

Rhodiola rosea is considered safe in the short term (up to 10 weeks of usage) and there haven't been any studies into possible long-term side effects.

There is little evidence that ashwagandha causes side effects in the short term. However, there have been some reports that prolonged use may be associated with gastrointestinal upsets.

L-Theanine is considered safe and there are no known associated long-term side effects.

Burnout supplement medicine interactions

  • There are no known reported medicine interactions for Rhodiola rosea
  • Ashwagandha may interact with immunosuppressants, certain sedative medications and thyroid medications.
  • L-Theanine may interact with high blood pressure medications and certain stimulants.

What to look for in a burnout supplement

  • If you're looking for a high quality burnout supplement, choose products with natural ingredients.
  • Supplements should be indicated for reducing stress and relieving symptoms related to burnout.
  • Look for products from reputable brands that can be taken regularly without any dependency issues.

Burnout supplement contraindications and cautions

Supplements containing Rhodiola rosea, ashwagandha and L-Theanine should be avoided by pregnant women. They should also be avoided by those who are trying to get pregnant and breast-feeding mothers.

Additionally, ashwagandha should be used cautiously in people with diabetes, high or low blood pressure. It should be avoided in those who have stomach ulcers, autoimmune diseases, and thyroid conditions or are undergoing surgery.

If you're unsure whether you may benefit from taking a supplement to help relieve burnout, always consult your healthcare professional.

Why take a supplement for burnout?

It's important to take proactive steps to counter the effects of burnout so you can get your life back on track and avoid any long-term health implications.

Fighting burnout will also help you to:

  • Increase day-to-day feelings of vitality and stamina
  • Improve your energy and resilience levels
  • Reduce aggression and irritability
  • Promote increased feelings of calm and confidence
  • Diminish the negative effects of stress
  • Enhance your immune system as well as your overall health and wellbeing
  • Support enhanced memory, concentration and mental clarity

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Rhodiola Rosea (rose root) has been used as a natural tonic to increase energy and strengthen vitality for more than 3,000 years. In Siberia, it is said that people who use Rhodiola Rosea live to be at least a hundred years old. With Rhodiola Rosea you can feel the energy of the Siberian tiger.

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L-Theanine is just as calming as meditation. It increases energy without leeching, relaxes without making you sleepy and motivates without making you hyped up. The effects are relaxation, regeneration, enhanced concentration and a feeling of well-being. L-Theanine is an amino acid found in green tea, which stimulates alpha waves in the brain.

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