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Black garlic

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Black Garlic
Vitality Nutritionals
Black Garlic
60 capsules - Vitality Nutritionals black garlic

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CardiAct - Heart health
Vitality Nutritionals
CardiAct - Heart health
60 capsules - Holistic heart health support with CardiAct

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Buy Black Garlic - What you should know

If you're looking to buy black garlic, you've come to the right place. With us you will find black garlic of the highest quality, guaranteed pure and free from unnecessary additives.

The odour intense bulb is said to have anti-inflammatory, vascular protective, antioxidant and blood circulation-promoting effects

The odour intense bulb is said to have anti-inflammatory, vascular protective, antioxidant and blood circulation-promoting effects

If you're looking to buy black garlic, you've come to the right place. With us you will find black garlic of the highest quality, guaranteed pure and free from unnecessary additives.

White garlic (Allium sativum) is a well-known and popular herbal medicinal plant from the leek genus. Black garlic, on the other hand, is not well known. It is produced by fermenting conventional garlic, but only differs in taste, but not in its numerous positive properties. The fermentation of black garlic can look back on a long culinary tradition, especially in East Asia: The processes and methods of this controlled enzymatic change for the purpose of preserving food were refined and perfected there, which has long since found numerous fans in Europe.

Black garlic is by no means only popular in the kitchen - thanks to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and its nutrient richness, it is also used to support health and prevent diseases.

If you want to benefit from the positive properties of this extraordinary herb/medicinal plant and would like to buy black garlic in capsule form or as a powder, you will find all of the important information about the ingredients, areas of application and dosage forms in the following description.[1] [2] 

What can black garlic specifically do for you?

The positive properties of black garlic largely correspond to those for which conventional white garlic is also very popular for. The odour-intense bulb is said to have anti-inflammatory, vascular protective, antioxidant and blood circulation-promoting effects, some of which have also been confirmed in clinical studies. A great advantage of fermented black garlic over white garlic is that it does not lose its nutritional content during industrial processing. On the contrary, products made from processed black garlic often have a higher proportion of health-promoting vital substances than fresh garlic bulbs. Here is an overview of the positive effects of black garlic on health and well-being:[3] [3]

  • Supporting the immune system: Black garlic contains several substances that can affect the activity of the immune system. The effects include the stimulation of regulatory proteins, which are responsible for communication from body cell to body cell (cytokines), and the activation of so-called scavenger cells (phagocytes), which ensure the breakdown of foreign or damaged cells. Comparative studies on individual immune cells have shown that the immune-stimulating effects of extracts from fermented garlic are stronger than those from extracts from untreated white garlic. The antioxidant effect of fermented black garlic also supports the immune system. It can neutralize oxygen radicals that are produced by oxidative stress and are responsible for cell damage.[4]
  • Anti-inflammatory: A traditional use of garlic is anti-inflammatory. Inflammatory processes always arise in the body when an internal or external stimulus hinders normal physiological processes - for example through the penetration of foreign bodies, bacteria or viruses, or inflammatory diseases. The following inflammatory reactions - recognizable by reddening, swelling and pain in the affected area of the body - is an important defence reaction of the body. Excessive reactions are unpleasant for those affected - then so-called anti-inflammatory drugs (antiphlogistics) are used. Chronic inflammation in the body often goes unnoticed and leads to organ damage. A healthy diet makes a significant contribution to reducing inflammation in the body - and extracts from black garlic have proven to be particularly suitable for supporting this diet.[4]
  • Support for the cardiovascular system: The consumption of garlic has always been considered to be stimulating and supportive for the heart, circulatory system and blood circulation. However, the taste and smell of the garlic bulb are not for everyone – especially if it is to be consumed on a regular basis. That is why black garlic is an ideal alternative for people who don't like the strong smell and taste of the raw bulb. Due to the fermentation process, the taste of black garlic is less intense, somewhat sweet and sour at the same time - and after eating it, there is no unpleasant aftertaste or smell left. Regular consumption of fermented black garlic in capsule or powder form can help lower blood pressure, activate the cardiovascular system and protect against vascular diseases. In addition to this, studies indicate that black garlic extracts have a relaxing effect on the smooth muscular system in the blood vessels and can have a beneficial effect on blood lipids.[4] [5]

Buying Black Garlic - What should you look for?

Fermented black garlic is available both in its pure form and as an extract in capsule and powder form. Before deciding on buying this product, it makes sense to check the ingredients and production form - this ensures that you are purchasing a natural product that does not contain unnecessary additives and has been manufactured under controlled conditions. The most important criteria for the purchase decision is summarized below:

  1. Products and dosage forms
  2. Ingredients and dosage
  3. Ingestion and tolerance
  4. Additives and allergens
  5. Price-performance ratio
  6. Satisfaction guarantee

Products and dosage forms

If you want to buy black garlic extract, you can choose from two of the available dosage forms: Powder or capsules.

  • Black garlic in capsule form: The great advantage of capsules is that they are easy to dose - you always know exactly how much of the active ingredient you are consuming with each intake. Good products in capsule form contain a dose that corresponds to the recommended daily amount - so you only have to think about taking it once a day. The plant-based coating of the capsules means that the product can also be consumed by vegans. The capsule form ensures a good shelf life without additional preservatives.

  • Black garlic as a powder: The powder form gives you more initiative when it comes to the dosage and it allows you to take the black garlic with any meal. This is ideal if you like the taste of black garlic and don't want to use it just as a dietary supplement. However, you should still stick to the manufacturer's dosage recommendations to avoid consuming excessive amounts of nutrients.

Ingredients and dosage

The most important ingredient of fermented black garlic is the sulphur compound alliin or its breakdown product allicin, which is responsible for the antioxidant properties of the bulb. In addition to this, black garlic contains numerous vitamins and minerals as well as vegetable proteins. [6] 

Ingestion and tolerance

Black garlic is extremely well-tolerated; there are no health side effects known to date. Nevertheless, you should always stick to the manufacturer's dosage recommendations. When taking capsules, it is advisable to always drink enough water. This makes it easier to dissolve the shell material in the stomach and accelerates its absorption in the bloodstream.

Additives and allergens

High-quality products contain no other additives apart from the pure garlic extract. However, a mixture with purely plant-based extracts such as rice extract is possible in order to achieve an optimal filling quantity for black garlic capsules. The capsule shell is usually also made of plant-based materials (cellulose). Even with high-quality products, intolerance reactions are possible at any time, if you notice such a reaction after taking the product, stop using the product and contact your general practitioner immediately.

Price-performance ratio

Great quality has its price: A controlled production of the ingredients and the use of natural substances without artificial additives generally make a product a bit more expensive. Conversely, the following applies: Very cheap products are suspected of keeping their price low by reducing their quality.

Satisfaction guarantee

A great way to be on the safe side when buying black garlic is with a supplier's satisfaction guarantee. You can test the product whenever you want and, if it does not meet your requirements, you can get your money back.

Questions and answers about black garlic

Below are answers to some of the common questions asked when searching for black garlic on the internet.

Is fermented black garlic more effective than the fresh bulb?

The fermentation process not only preserves the garlic bulbs and changes their taste, but there are also additional positive aspects due to the enzymatic changes in the raw materials. The fermented black garlic contains significantly more antioxidants than the untreated bulb.

Where can you buy black garlic?

The largest selection of fermented black garlic in powder or capsule form can be found in online shops that specialize in food supplements. Here you will also find all of the details about the individual products and you can find out more about the ingredients, areas of application and usage recommendations. A bonus is the satisfaction guarantee that some manufacturers offer - a definite advantage over buying this in health food stores, drug stores, or pharmacies.

How long should I take black garlic?

That depends on whether you want to use black garlic exclusively to support your health or as a tasty spice to refine culinary meals. If you take it for very specific health reasons, it is advisable to follow the manufacturer's recommendations - if you don't take it long enough, you will probably not achieve the desired effect. If in doubt, it is best to discuss the optimal duration of intake with your treating doctor.

Can I also make black garlic myself?

This is possible, but for really good results you need some knowledge about fermentation techniques. If you are taking black garlic to support your health and want to be certain of the actual active ingredient content, it makes more sense to choose a product that is made by a professional.

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