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Collagen Typ II

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Biocell Collagen
Vitality Nutritionals

Biocell Collagen

Collagen capsules for healthy joints and beautiful skin120 Capsules

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Joint Pain – natural solutions!

Natural supplements for joint pain can offer pain relief and improve joint performance, giving you the ability to enjoy pain-free freedom of movement. Joint pain affects millions of people worldwide and can lead to loss of mobility and reduced quality of life.

Pain management often has to be multi-pronged, due to the multiple factors, that play a role in the origin of joint pain. Strategies need to be comprehensive, as well as complementary and can involve changes to behavior, lifestyle and diet to fully control joint pain.

Pain is a unique and subjective experience influenced by many factors. It is an unpleasant emotional and sensory experience, that can often be persistent and may also have a significant impact on a person's quality of life.

Pain is the transmission of a pain signal from the site of injury to the brain and can be classified as either nociceptive or neuropathic. Nociceptive pain is an acute response to an injury or other harmful stimuli, whereas neuropathic pain is where there is damage to the body's nerves and this causes a constant sensation of pain.

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Collagen for beautiful skin and healthy joints

Collagen, also known as collagen, is a structural protein that is found in many multi-cellular animals and therefore also in humans in the body. It is, among other things, part of the tendons, ligaments or bones.

Parts of the skin also consist of collagen. The substance plays an important role in both medicine and cosmetics. The structural protein is used in body care and make-up to improve the complexion or as a dietary supplement to promote bone and cartilage health.

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