• highly concentrated to 24% ginsenoside
  • high dose of 250 mg per capsule
  • potent extract from the Panax Ginseng root
  • extracted without synthetic solvents
  • natural, 100% pure Ginseng

Ginseng Supplements - what you should know!

Ginseng is a natural and powerful supplement which can enhance the body's function to maintain a healthy weight, assist memory loss and boost the immune system.

Ginseng is a useful remedy for tiredness and can improve cognitive thinking. It also has anti-inflammatory properties.Ginseng helps to relieve stress, which leads to a happier life and it can slow down the aging process and help those who suffer from allergies. Packed with amino acids, B vitamins and more, the range of ginseng benefits are vast.

What is Ginseng?

Ginseng is a plant that is native to North America and Asia, however it is now grown in many places. The ginseng root is what is commonly used in health and dietary supplements, but the leaves can be used in some cases.

Ginseng is a health supplement that is taken by many all over the world. There is evidence that it already was used over 5000 years ago by the Chinese for its health benefits.

Ginseng is used as a weight loss aid, to combat and assist type II diabetes, boost libido and energy. It is also taken by athletes as it can increase stamina, as well as boosting the immune system.

Clinical trails have shown that Ginseng is an overall supplement and promotes healthy well being.

Ginseng health benefits:

  • Provides energy
  • Supports concentration and memory
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Has anti-allergenic qualities
  • Aids weight loss
  • Reduces stress
  • Slows the aging process
  • Boosts libido
  • Lowers blood sugar
  • Has anti-inflammatory qualities

Ginseng provides energy and prevents fatigue

One of the main benefits of ginseng is its potential to boost energy and prevent tiredness.

Many people suffer from feelings of tiredness throughout the day and ginseng is a way to combat it. While it is not exactly known how ginseng works in the body, trials have shown that there is certainly a benefit from taking ginseng orally.

It fights fatigue, makes people feel more awake, alert and helps ward off tiredness over the course of the day. Most of the research into ginseng looks at its ability to control tiredness and increase stamina.

Feeling rested and getting a regular good night's sleep has an overall, positive impact on daily life and as such can lift the mood and help with a lack of motivation and stamina.

Ginseng supports concentration and memory

As we get older it isn't just our bodies that slow down, our mental agility can also slow down as stores of nutrients deplete. This leads to a deterioration in concentration and memory and can have an impact on learning new things and recalling past information.

The nutrients and active ingredients in ginseng benefits people who have noticed a drop in their concentration and memory levels.

After taking it continuously for around two months you will start to notice an effect. Many also use it prior to tests and exams to improve their memory and brain power. It helps them call up information and focus well on the task at hand.

Ginseng and the immune system

Several studies have shown that ginseng helps support the immune system - and this is not just associated with the elderly, very young or infirm.

Anyone can feel their immune system come under strain, either through stress, lack of sleep, being around people with colds, etc.

Of course you need to boost your immune system most when you are ill, therefore, taking ginseng can really help you feel better and get you back on your feet sooner. There are also some kinds of ginseng supplements that have even been proven to help ward off colds in advance.

Ginseng and allergies

It seems that every year more and more people are becoming allergic to substances - these can be found in the environment or can be manmade.

Many suffer from hay fever every year during the springtime and this routinely causes misery and can even lead to time off work or missing social occasions.

Researchers conducted a four week long study to see how rhinitis (hay fever) sufferers felt while taking ginseng, and also included placebos.

This study showed that ginseng helped improve rhinitis symptoms such as loss of sleep, eye symptoms, nasal symptoms and more, proving that ginseng is undoubtedly helpful in the treatment of allergic symptoms.

Who may benefit from taking a Ginseng supplement?

Ginseng is beneficial for all those, who

  • are often tired or want to boost their energy
  • suffer from allergies
  • suffer frequently from colds
  • have short term memory loss
  • lose focus easily
  • want to lose weight
  • suffer from high blood pressure

Does Ginseng have any side effects?

Ginseng side effects are rare when bought from a reputable source, taken at the recommended dose and in the appropriate manner.

If taken in too high a dose it can cause diarrhoea and possibly high blood pressure.

Some people have reported feelings of restlessness or insomnia. This can be remedied by reducing the dose - the ginseng side effects will lessen and you'll get back to normal right away.

There is no link with ginseng and dependency so it can be taken for a long time with no concern regarding addiction.

Ginseng interactions and combinations

Ginseng must not be taken by women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, as it can have negative effects on the unborn child or baby.

Those who take anticoagulants must avoid ginseng as it can cause issues with their blood pressure, the same applies to those with cardiac problems for the same reasons.

It is advised not to take any additional stimulants with ginseng because it already provides energy.

It can however be safely combined with turmeric, garlic and guarana to boost its existing positive effects.

Take a Ginseng supplement to

  • improve memory
  • enhance libido
  • reduce blood pressure
  • assist weight loss
  • improve concentration
  • boost immune system
  • combat allergy symptoms

Other names of Ginseng

Asian ginseng, Korean ginseng, American ginseng, Canadian ginseng, Panax ginseng, Red ginseng, Oriental ginseng, White ginseng, Hong shen, Fresh ginseng, Wild ginseng, Asiatic ginseng root, Ginseng tea, Panax quinquefolius, Anchi ginseng.

Ginseng - The magic root
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