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Artichoke Royal: Natural aid for your digestion and metabolism

Artichokes were known, eaten, and used for medicinal purposes even in ancient times. While the delicate tangy hearts inside the plant are a culinary delight, it is the leaves that are used for health purposes. They are said to have appetite-stimulating, digestive, and cholesterol-lowering effects. In order to exploit these health effects to the full, artichoke preparations can be combined with guggul. All the relevant information about these medicinal plants can be found below.

Artichoke Royal: Natural aid for your digestion and metabolism

Artichokes were known, eaten, and used for medicinal purposes even in ancient times. While the delicate tangy hearts inside the plant are a culinary delight, it is the leaves that are used for health purposes. They are said to have appetite-stimulating, digestive, and cholesterol-lowering effects. In order to exploit these health effects to the full, artichoke preparations can be combined with guggul. All the relevant information about these medicinal plants can be found below.

Nature provides us with the artichoke, a special medicinal plant that can be used to address digestive and metabolic problems [1]. This plant is widely known as a vegetable, but its leaves are also an effective health remedy. They contain flavonoids (plant substances), hydroxy-cinnamic acid, and certain plant hormones, known as sesquiterpene lactones [2]. While these ingredients give the artichoke its bitter taste, they are also responsible for its positive health effects.

What particular benefits do artichoke capsules offer?

Scientific research has been studying the positive effects of artichokes for a long time [3]. This plant's Latin name is Cynara cardunculus or Cynara scolymus. It is known that vegetable fiber has the ability to bind cholesterol and thus help normalize blood counts [4]. That is precisely why medical research has focussed upon the artichoke and why it is now considered one of the most important cholesterol-lowering medicinal plants.

Bitter substances are responsible for the diverse properties and effects of artichoke leaves, and these elements constitute up to 6 percent of their structure. Preparations like Royal Artichoke can support your body in the following ways:

  • To help improve liver health
  • To help promote normal fat metabolism and blood fat levels
  • To help normalize cholesterol levels

Artichoke extracts concentrate these helpful ingredients, and their health properties and effects can also be positively influenced by combining them with guggul. This gum resin is found in frankincense and has been used extensively in Ayurvedic medicine. Alternative names for guggul include: Bedolachharz, Bdelliumharz, Bedellienharz or Bedellium. This substance has a long history and was first imported to Europe from India in Roman times.

In ancient Indian dialects, "Guggulu" translates as something like "protects against diseases". In 1966, the first scientific work on this resin was completed at Banaras Hindu University. This was the first work considered comparable to today's research standards. The author Satyavati wrote a doctoral thesis about this substance which had come to his attention through historical writings. These described patients who displayed health benefits after taking guggulu resin. The condition of their blood vessels improved, and the resin also seemed to play some part in weight loss.

Royal Artichoke: artichoke combined with guggul

After the Indian researcher Satyavati completed his specific research, his findings then impressed other researchers, not least those from the western world. This is how Guggulu found its way into large-scale research projects. First tested on animals, the results were quickly transferred to humans. As a result, we now have a modern, reliable body of knowledge about this healing resin.

In our own preparation, artichoke leaf extract is combined with guggul, an extract of Indian myrrh. In Asian healing, this substance is used for many different purposes. And just like the artichoke, there are many scientific findings concerning this medicinal plant [5]. Its spectrum of application includes weight loss, liver regulation, and gall bladder function. We have developed our Royal Artichoke preparation to harness these effects and use them in a targeted manner,.

What should you consider when buying artichoke capsules?

Artichoke and guggul are widely used in nutritional supplements. Thus, it can often be difficult to correctly assess the quality of any particular product. To achieve this, it's important to consider both the exact composition and the intended use of each product. It is also important for every manufacturer to address questions of purity and standards of processing. In addition, all ingredients should be clearly identified on the product label.

From the consumer's perspective, the exact health benefits are important because each preparation has a different orientation. For example, our artichoke capsules were designed to support the cardiovascular system and metabolism. Here, the aim is to achieve an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and immune balancing effect. This can be particularly helpful for weight loss and the restriction of fat metabolism.

Artichoke and guggul can be safely consumed if the exact mode of action is known and preparations are used as recommended. However, our product is not a "diet pill". In fact, our capsules are intended to support a health-promoting lifestyle and are really designed for health-conscious consumers. If you have any doubts, please do not hesitate to show the packaging to a medical professional. This contains all the specific information a doctor needs to be able to assess the potential benefits available to you.

Products and dosage formats

Herbal remedies can be taken in the form of powders, teas, and tinctures, and there is the further option of taking them in tablet form. We offer our artichoke and guggul preparation in a capsule format. These are easier to swallow and allow consumers to take a precise amount of the ingredients.

Ingredients and dosage

Our preparation offers a unique formulation of artichoke leaf extract and guggul extract. Guggul contains a particularly high proportion of guggulsterones (7.5%), which offer positive health benefits. When guggul is ingested with food, this alone is insufficient to achieve a properly targeted effect [6]. Thus, a high concentration is particularly important, and our product dosage carefully takes this into account.

Research on artichokes as nutritional supplements

Preparations containing artichoke have been well studied, and numerous research accounts have shown how these preparations have been able to lower cholesterol levels [3]. These positive effects can be further supported with a sufficient intake of dietary fiber.

Bioavailability and bioactivity

Bioavailability is a measure that indicates how high a proportion of an active ingredient can be directly absorbed by the blood and then conveyed to bodily organs. However, a high dosage of any ingredient is not enough on its own. Preparations should be designed in such a way that the body can make maximum use of the active ingredients. High bioavailability can best be achieved through certain combinations of ingredients and dosage formats.

Ingestion and tolerance

The compatibility of artichoke and guggul has been well researched. Since these ingredients stimulate the metabolism, some preparations themselves can cause discomfort. In addition to high bioavailability, the body should be given the opportunity to gently absorb these active ingredients.

Additives and allergens

Allergy sufferers, in particular, should ensure a dietary supplement contains all necessary ingredients but does not contain any allergens. During production, we ensure that all sources of contamination are excluded. In addition, all our ingredients are shown on the packaging so they can be shown to a doctor if necessary.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Anyone who believes in the quality of their product should offer you a simple satisfaction guarantee. You can return any item to us within 100 days without giving a reason. It is also possible to exchange products.

Artichoke capsules: Frequently asked questions

Artichokes are considered true all-rounders. They have been used successfully for thousands of years, as indicated by images on the walls of the burial chambers of Egyptian pharaohs. Below you will find an overview of the most frequently asked questions about this popular plant.

What are artichoke capsules good for?

Artichokes capsules can be used for nutritional supplements and health support. They contribute to a normal metabolism, which particularly affects blood lipid levels. This, in turn, supports liver function. In addition, they offer important beneficial effects for blood vessels, bones, cartilage, and tissue.

For how long should you take artichoke capsules?

Herbal remedies should usually be taken over a long period of time so their influence can take effect over the longer term. The positive effects of artichoke capsules appear after about six weeks. Ideally, you should swallow the recommended dose around half an hour before a meal. Eating food then supports the gentle absorption of the ingredients.

Are artichokes good for the liver?

Yes. The artichoke is a well-known remedy for supporting liver function [7]. It is considered to be one of the most important medicinal plants in traditional European medicine [8]. The liver is important for blood cell production and also acts as an energy store.

Can you lose weight with artichoke capsules?

A healthy metabolism is essential for losing weight. Our artichoke capsules contribute to a functioning metabolism, which is why they are taken for weight loss. They can also be used to support normal sugar and fat metabolism [9].

Studies and references

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