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Omega 3 Vegan DHA capsules made of algae
  • 100% plant based Omega 3 DHA from algae
  • high dose of 200mg DHA per capsule
  • Tested quality with a satisfaction guarantee
  • natural Triglycerid-Form for optimal absorption
  • easy to swallow, small capsules
  • Vegan and well-tolerated
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  • Free shipping above 49 Euro
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  • 100 Day Money Back Guarantee
Save an extra 5% if you order for 100€ or more.
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Omega 3 Vegan DHA capsules made of algae

Omega 3 Vegan DHA delivers Omega 3 fatty acids derived from algae for the highest quality and purity and is the perfect alternative to fish oil capsules. It is great for vegetarians and vegans to cover the Omega 3 Fatty Acid requirements.

DHA has the largest spectrum of activity of all omega 3 fatty acids. Therefore, with Omega 3 Vegan DHA capsules you can benefit directly from all health benefits of Omega 3 fatty acids.

High quality plant-based Omega 3

So far, fatty fish has been regarded as the best source of the Omega 3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. The reason why fish contain so much Omega 3 is because they feed mainly on algae.

Now it has become possible to derive the Omega 3 Fatty Acids directly from algae to get the highest quality and purity. The algae used for Omega 3 DHA grows under controlled conditions without the use of pesticides.

It does not disrupt the ecosystem of the ocean and has no negative impact on the fish stock or their natural food sources.

Why is Omega 3 Vegan DHA the best vegan DHA capsule you can buy:

  • each capsule contains 200mg DHA
  • ultra-pure thanks to controlled algae cultivation
  • free from iodine, mercury, lead, DDT, pesticides, etc.
  • higher bioavailability than fish oil in ethyl ester form
  • all fatty acids are contained in the natural triglyceride form
  • exclusive use of high-quality algae
  • contains natural vitamin E and rosemary extract to maintain freshness
  • made without artificial colors and preservatives
  • is filled in small, easy-to-swallow vegetable soft gel capsules
  • does not cause uncomfortable belching
  • all ingredients are 100% vegetable and therefore suitable for vegetarians, vegans and fish allergy sufferers
  • the algae oil is extracted without solvent
  • guaranteed free from fish and crustaceans, iodine, gluten, lactose, soy, yeast, trans fats, preservatives, colors, and flavors
  • produced without genetic engineering

Why is DHA the most important Omega 3 Fatty Acid?

There are three omega 3 fatty acids that are essential for human nutrition - ALA, EPA, and DHA. Of these 3 fatty acids, DHA is the most important because it has the broadest spectrum of activity.

The body can only produce DHA from EPA or ALA in small quantities. Therefore, it is easy for the body to make EPA from DHA. That is why the direct supply of DHA is crucial for our health.

DHA is the only omega-3 fatty acid that has a simultaneous and direct positive effect on the cardiovascular system, the development, and function of the brain and eyes and on the reduction of inflammation throughout the body.

EPA, which is found in fish oil, has been shown to support cardiovascular health but has not been proven to play a role in brain or eye health.

ALA, which is found in flaxseed oil, has no known independent benefits on brain or eye health and there are insufficient data to support its role in cardiovascular health.

Omega 3 Vegan provides valuable plant based DHA from algae

The algae oil used in Omega 3 Vegan DHA comes from algae that are grown under controlled conditions without pesticides or other chemicals.

The algae grow in a constantly checked plant under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) conditions in order to guarantee the highest possible quality and purity. This type of algae production excludes possible contamination by seawater.

All omega 3 fatty acids are contained in the natural triglyceride form. These can be better absorbed by the body and have a higher bioavailability than omega 3 fatty acids in ethyl ester form.

Through the controlled cultivation and extraction of the valuable algae oil, the production does not interfere with the marine ecosystem and has no negative impact on fish stocks or their natural food sources.

What can DHA do for your health?

The positive effects of DHA have already been documented in numerous studies. It is particularly important

  • to support normal heart function
  • for the maintenance of normal brain function
  • for maintaining normal eyesight
  • to maintain normal triglyceride levels
  • for normal vision and brain development in the fetus and infant

Omega 3 Vegan DHA is important for the brain, heart, and eyes

More studies show that DHA is important for the development and normal function of the brain and the eyes.

In fact, DHA makes up 97% of the omega 3 fatty acids in the brain and 93% of the omega 3 fatty acids in the retina. It is also necessary for the optimal structure of the nerve cells in the brain and eyes.

Low levels of DHA have been associated with mood swings. DHA is also a key component of the heart and one of the omega-3 fats recommended by the American Heart Association and USDA Dietary Guidelines for good cardiovascular health.

Is DHA or EPA more important for a healthy heart?

The Omega 3 fatty acids EPA and DHA can contribute significantly to normal heart function and thus have a positive impact on our health. A daily intake of at least 250 mg EPA and DHA can help keep the heart performing.

So far, it has been assumed that EPA has more protective properties. Surprisingly, studies show that DHA works completely independently of EPA and in some areas even better than EPA. Both EPA and DHA reduce triglycerides.

All this shows that DHA is the decisive omega 3 fatty acid for health due to its wide spectrum of activity.

DHA for mind and eyesight

For normal functioning, the brain relies on the regular intake of Omega 3 Vegan DHA. That is why it is also known as 'brain food'.

The nervous system and brain of a healthy adult consist of approximately 20 percent DHA. Studies have shown that people in countries with high omega 3 consumption (such as Japan) are also more mentally active in old age.

The retina of the eye also has a particularly high DHA content. An American study showed that people who consumed more omega 3 fatty acids were less likely to suffer from dry eyes.

Two other studies showed that a higher omega 3 intake could reduce the risk of macular degeneration in old age by around 22%.

DHA for Mother and Child

Taking DHA during pregnancy and breastfeeding significantly increases the amount of DHA available for the fetus and young children. This can positively affect the child's development, including eye-hand development, motor skills, and attention span.

One study showed that the intake of DHA increased the pregnancy by 6 days, which made healthy or full pregnancy lengths possible.

Furthermore, a healthy DHA level promotes the emotional health of the mother during pregnancy and prevents the mood swings that often occur after birth.

Some studies have shown that children who received DHA either during pregnancy or during the first year of life develop better normal mental development and visual acuity.

Between birth and the 5th year of life, the brain mass increases 3.5 times. It is therefore important that toddlers consume an adequate amount of DHA to ensure that the brain and eyes continue to develop during this time.

Manage stress better with DHA

When stressed, large amounts of omega 3 fatty acids are used up. This can lead to an omega 3 deficiency in a relatively short time, which leads to pronounced mood swings.

Adequate intake of Omega 3 Vegan DHA can maintain mental performance, concentration and memory and reduce the consequences of high-stress levels.

In his book 'Omega 3 Fatty Acids - Health from the Ocean', Dr. Frank Liebke writes the following: 'It is undoubtedly unhealthy to constantly expose yourself to too much stress. On the other hand, some stressful situations cannot be avoided. But I can give you hope: from now on You are no longer hopelessly exposed to the stress and its negative consequences. '

We owe many of the unpleasant stress symptoms such as rapid heartbeat, cold sweat, inner restlessness, sleep disorders, outbursts of anger and fear to the activity-promoting hormones of the body.

When stressed, noradrenaline literally floods us. Japanese researchers have now been able to convincingly demonstrate that there is an easy way to curb the excess production of noradrenaline.

With the help of the omega 3 fatty acid DHA, the blood values for noradrenaline were reduced and stress-related complaints occurred less frequently.

Why does Omega 3 Vegan DHA contain rosemary extract?

Omega 3 fatty acids oxidize much faster than other fats. Rosemary extract and natural vitamin E are contained in Omega 3 DHA as natural antioxidants to protect the sensitive algae oil from oxidation. These keep the algae oil fresh and stable, which means that its high quality is maintained as long as possible.

Rosemary extract is a natural antioxidant that has been approved by the EU for all population groups as an additive to food. This also includes pregnant women who belong to the normal population in terms of nutrition.

The amount of rosemary extract contained in the daily dose is very small, which is why Omega 3 DHA is also suitable for pregnant women. If you are pregnant and have concerns about rosemary extract, please ask your gynecologist.

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Omega 3 DHA
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Adults, children or pregnant women take 1 to 2 capsules daily with a meal or as recommended by your therapist.

This product contains no allergens.

DHA-rich Algae Oil (from the micro algae Schizochytrium sp., High Oleic Sunflower Oil {Omega 6 content 1% maximal}, Antioxidant: Natural Mixed Tocopherols), Natural Flavor: Rosemary Extract, Emulsifier: Sunflower Lecithin, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Capsule (Purified Water, Modified Corn Starch, Glycerin, Gelling agent: Carrageenan), Acidity Regulator: Sodium Carbonate.

Guaranteed pure and free from allergens:

  • free from iodine, lactose, gluten, yeast, soy
  • free from wheat and dairy products
  • free from artificial colors and preservatives
  • free from genetically modified substances
  • free from animal ingredients
  • suitable for Vegetarians, Vegans and Diabetics

Note: To ensure the quality and freshness, the product should be stored in a cool, dark place.

Each Softgel capsule contains:

  • 500 mg DHA Oil from micro algae

- containing 200 mg DHA (Docosahexaenic acid)

  • Store tightly closed in a cool, dry place
  • Protect from sunlight and moisture
  • May also be stored in the refrigerator
  • Do not store in the freezer
  • Keep out of reach of children

Food supplements are not a substitute for a balanced, varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. Keep out of reach of children. The information provided is not intended as a substitute for advice from your physician or other health care professionals. It is not a statement on healing or a recommendation for self-medication.

  • Dairy Free,
  • Egg Free,
  • Fish Free,
  • Free of Colours,
  • Fructose Free,
  • Gelatine Free,
  • Gluten Free,
  • Hypoallergenic,
  • Lactose Free,
  • Made in Europe,
  • No Artificial Sweetener,
  • No Flavours,
  • No Magnesium Stearate,
  • No Microcrystal Cellulose,
  • Non-GMO,
  • Nut Free,
  • Peanut Free,
  • Preservative Free,
  • Shellfish Free,
  • Soy Free,
  • Sugar Free,
  • Vegan,
  • Vegetarian,
  • Wheat Free,
  • Yeast Free

Guaranteed Quality for Your Health


When it comes to your health, quality is most important. Therefore our Vitality Nutritionals products undergo state of the art independent laboratory analysis to verify label claims and to ensure that you get the highest quality nutrition supplements.

These 5 factors guarantee our quality:

1. Proven quality

  • all ingredients are tested for their purity and active compounds
  • an independent laboratory also checks the quality of the end products
  • the quality of the ingredients and products is confirmed by a certificate of analysis

2. Highest quality ingredients without compromise

  • we only use the highest quality and pure ingredients
  • standardised ingredients guarantee the potency of active ingredients
  • highest bioavailability in a therapeutically effective dose

3. Guaranteed pure and free from additives

  • total avoidance of all unnecessary additives
  • absolutely free of artificial colours, fillers, binders etc.
  • guaranteed free of genetically modified substances

4. Manufactured in certified companies

  • manufactured in certified facilities with the latest production equipment
  • produced in compliance with the strictest hygiene regulations
  • manufactured to the highest quality standards such as GMP, HACCP, IFS, etc.

5. Complete transparency

  • all ingredients and composition of the raw materials are indicated
  • specification of all ingredients with their standardised active content
  • allergens and animal products are always stated

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