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SKINNEUM: High-quality nutrient supply for the skin

Pro Collagen Complex: advanced anti-ageing solution

Ageing is the result of natural processes: We grow older and our skin ages with us. From the age of 25, the body's own collagen and hyaluronic acid production decreases, which leads to skin starting to lack elasticity and wrinkles may form.   

SKINNEUM Pro Collagen Complex is an advanced anti-ageing solution that supports the skin from within. The unique 3-in-1 formula including hydrolysed Naticol® Collagen (type I), hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C Supports beautiful skin, hair and nails after just 2 months.* Portioned in convenient sachets to take it with you everywhere you go! 

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30 Sachets

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The body's own collagen and hyaluronic acid production starts decreasing from the age of 25 and is only at about 40% at the age of 40, which leads to skin loosing it’s elasticity and starting to wrinkle. Pro Collagen Complex helps to counteract these processes.


Collagen is the most important building block in the body for elastic and smooth skin. Pro Collagen Complex uses patented Naticol® Collagen type I, which reduces wrinkle depth by up to 16.5% after just 2 months*.


Enriched with Vitamin C from antioxidant-rich blueberry fruit powder to support the skin with normal collagen formation, while protecting it from oxidative stress. The blueberry powder further gives the product it’s great, fruit taste.

Confirmed by experts: Use Skinneum Pro Collagen for visible results!

Interested to learn more about the product and the research behind it? Dr. Filip Meersman summarises all you need to know about SKINNEUM’s advanced anti-ageing solution. With a PhD in Biochemistry and more than 20 years of experience in research and the industry he has become a leading scientist on skin nutrition. His long research history in hydrolysed collagen properties and their functionalities has equipped him well for his current position as Head of Research & Development for beauty innovations at the Vision Health Care Group.




"I liked the taste of the Collagen Drink and the visible results were amazing, which I did not expect that much.“ - Silke



"Great product!!! My skin is really glowing. Also, it tastes really nice compared to other products on the market." - Lara

NeumLift Skin Complex: all-in-one solution for skin, hair and nails

When we grow older profound changes occur in the structure of the dermis and epidermis over time through processes of ageing. Signs of time include fine wrinkles as well as dryness, deep furrows, irregular pigmentation, elastosis, and a leathery appearance. The structural integrity of the dermis is critical to the normal function and youthful appearance of the skin, providing structure and support for the epidermis as well as skin appendages such as hair and nails. 

The unique 7-in-1 formula of SKINNEUM NeumLift Skin Complex helps to prevent and combat the signs of time. It combines all hero anti-aging ingredients plus additional vitamins and minerals to increase effectiveness as well as offer a holistic approach to anti-aging skin nutrition [3,4]. 


60 Capsules

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This unique anti-ageing solution contains collagen from eggshell membrane, an organic substance clinically proven to improve appearance of hair, skin and nails, increase collagen production, slow skin aging, and helps to reduce the effects of damage from UV light and inflammation. [3]


Great complex of the hero anti-ageing ingredients Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Retinol, Coenzym Q10, Astaxanthin and other vitamins and minerals that in combination offer higher bioavailability and ultimately better effectiveness.


Plumper and firmer looking skin thanks to Hyaluronic Acid: It penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin, where it increases the moisture level and therefore helps with preventing and smoothing out wrinkles. Together with collagen, it acts as a structuring agent in the skin.

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* According to a clinical study (double blind randomized, against placebo) already 2500 mg Naticol® collagen per day (inclued in 1 Sachet PRO COLLAGEN COMPLEX) reduces facial wrinkles, improves significantly skin firmness, skin complexion homogeneity and skin radiance when taken over a period of 8-12 weeks. [1]  

According to research already 300 mg Ovoderm® daily over at least 50 days is efficacious to reduce the gradual loss of skin elasticity characteristic of aged skin, which helps to improve the appearance of the skin. This was proven by two pilot studies. [2] 



[2] Andrés Aguirre et al. (2017) Beneficial Effects of Oral Supplementation With Ovoderm on Human Skin Physiology: Two Pilot Studies, Journal of Dietary Supplements, 14:6, 706-714.    

[3] Jinhee Yoo et al. (2014) - Effects of Egg Shell Membrane Hydrolysates on Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Wrinkle, Anti-Microbial Activity and Moisture-Protection. Korean J. Food Sci. Anim. Resour. Vol. 34(1):26-32.  

[4] Douglas S Kalman and Susan Hewlings (2020) - The effect of oral hydrolyzed eggshell membrane on the appearance of hair, skin, and nails in healthy middle-aged adults: A randomized double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trial. J. Cosmet. Dermatol. Vol. 19(6):1463-1472.