Magnesium deficiency - Symptoms and treatment

A lack of this mineral, which is indispensable for the human body, can manifest itself in many different ways.\nSymptoms include:\nCalf and muscle cramps\nRestlessness and nervousness\nHigh blood pressure \nPoor concentration\nHeadaches and migraines \nRapid heart rate, cramps in the heart muscle, irregular heartbeat \nStomach and intestinal problems such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea and cramps\nDizziness\nSleep disorders \nPremature labor during pregnancy\nBrittle fingernails, carious teeth

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Astaxanthin - The powerful antioxidant made from algae

Astaxanthin keeps you young and fit, increases performance, protects the heart, helps with joint pain, reduces inflammation processes, strengthens the immune system, strengthens eyesight, helps with sterility, acts as a natural sun protection from the inside and much more.

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Vitamins - The basis for our health

Vitamins and minerals are the basis for our health. A deficiency can lead to a wide variety of complaints.\nIt is often difficult to get enough vitamins and minerals through your daily diet. That is why more and more nutritionists are recommending taking a good multivitamin mineral capsule every day.\nEveryone knows that vitamins are vital and therefore important for our health. The effects of each individual vitamin in the body are unknown to many.\nThat is why we are presenting you with an overview of the most important vital substances and their natural sources in detail. As you read through, you will see how much vitamins, minerals and trace elements effect our well-being, appearance, and vitality.

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Buying L-theanine - What you should know!

L-Theanin ist die Aminosäure-Verbindung in Tee, die hilft Stress abzubauen und einen ruhigen, entspannten geistigen Zustand fördert. Die meisten Leute nehmen es in Kombination mit Koffein ein (weil beides im Tee enthalten ist!). Die Kombination aus L-Theanin und Koffein ist eine großartige Nootropikum-Kombination.\nIm Internet suchen viele Leute nach den größten Vorteilen von L-Theanin oder nach dem Zusammenhang von L-Theanin und Angstzuständen. In diesem Artikel werden wir die 6 größten Vorteile von L-Theanin erkunden und wie sie Ihnen nutzen können!\nWir werden auch einen Blick auf die optimale Dosierung von L-Theanin werfen. Weitere Informationen zu L-Theanin finden Sie in unserer Produktbeschreibung.\nEiner der wichtigsten Suchbegriffe, nach denen Leute heute suchen, ist: 'L-Theanin für Angstzustände'. Die Frage ist: Weshalb? Es gibt tatsächlich eine Reihe von Gründen, warum einige Leute in der Vergangenheit L-Theanin bei Angstzuständen eingenommen haben.\nEiner der größten Vorteile von L-Theanin ist seine Fähigkeit, Entspannung und Ruhe zu fördern, ohne müde zu machen. Ihr Gehirn wandelt L-Theanin in GABA um. GABA ist der 'entspannende' Neurotransmitter Ihres Körpers, der Signale des zentralen Nervensystems mindert und für einen ruhigeren Gemütszustand sorgt. \nEine Reihe von Studien hat die Einnahme von L-Theanin bei Angstzuständen untersucht. Tatsächlich haben Wissenschaftler herausgefunden, dass die stresslösenden und entspannenden Wirkungen von L-Theanin am bemerkbarsten bei Menschen mit hoher Grundangst sind.\nEine kürzlich erschienene Studie aus dem Jahr 2016 untersuchte die möglichen Vorteile von L-Theanin bei der Minderung von Stress und Angstzuständen.\nDie Forscher führten Untersuchungen zu den Wirkungen von L-Theanin bei 34 gesunden männlichen und weiblichen Probanden durch. Die Wissenschaftler kamen zu dem Ergebnis, dass eine Dosis von 200 mg L-Theanin die Reaktion des Probanden auf stressige Stimuli etwa eine Stunde nach Einnahme der Dosis signifikant reduzierte.\nDie Wissenschaftler fanden auch heraus, dass es einen signifikanten Anstieg der Alphawellenaktivität im Gehirn gab, insbesondere bei Personen, die bereits früher an Angstzuständen litten.[[B395]]\nEine andere Studie aus dem Jahr 2013 ergab, dass L-Theanin den Stress bei Pharmaziestudenten, die ihr Pharmaziepraktikum begannen, signifikant reduzierte. Die Forscher maßen die Speichel-α-Amylase-Aktivität (sAA), um die Basisstresswerte zu testen. Die Ergebnisse zeigten eine signifikante Abnahme dieser Werte für Teilnehmer, die ein L-Theanin-Nahrungsergänzungsmittel eingenommen haben.[[B396]]\nDiese Beispiele, zusammen mit vielen anderen Studien, die zu ähnlichen Ergebnissen kamen, zeigen, warum so viele Menschen im Internet nach 'L-Theanin für Angstzustände' suchen.\nEs ist wichtig, hervorzuheben, dass L-Theanin nur als Nahrungsergänzungsmittel verkauft wird. Es ist nicht zur Behandlung, Diagnose oder Heilung von Krankheiten oder Beschwerden gedacht. Es wird am besten als Ergänzung zu einer gesunden Ernährung und einem gesunden Lebensstil eingenommen.\nDie 6 wichtigsten Vorteile von L-Theanin \nHier erfahren Sie mehr über die entscheidenden Vorteile, die L-Theanin als Nahrungsergänzungsmittel bei regelmäßiger Einnahme haben kann.\nL-Theanin\nentspannt, ohne müde zu machen\nreduziert Stress auf natürliche Weise\nfördert mentales Wohlbefinden\nverbessert die Schlafqualität\nreduziert die negativen Auswirkungen von Koffein\nkann zur Unterstützung einer Diät eingesetzt werden\n {{widget type='limesoda_cms/widget_product_recommendations' template='limesoda_cms/widget/product/recommendations/content.phtml'}}

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Arginine - Amino acid for healthy vessels and more

L-arginine, also called arginine, is a semi-essential amino acid. This means that it cannot just be ingested via food, but can also be formed by the body from other amino acids and nutrients. Arginine is one of the proteinogenic amino acids that function as a building block of the proteins in the body and are therefore created in the genetic code.\nThe amino acid takes on numerous tasks in the human organism. It widens the blood vessels and improves blood circulation, affects hormonal regulation, and has an erection-promoting effect. A lack of arginine can lead to reduced performance and sleep disorders, a deterioration in cardiac output, and mood swings. ⁠⁠\nEven though the body is able to produce parts of L-arginine itself, a deficit an occur. During pregnancy, during growth period, as well as after injuries and when under stress, the need may be increased, so that the supply through food and the body's own production is insufficient. To prevent a deficiency, a dietary supplement can be useful.

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Your way to the ideal figure - With the ZoneLife figure program

The saying 'You are what you eat' is absolutely true. Because what you eat has a direct impact on your health, your energy and of course on your figure.\nMost diets simply assume that the food supplies too many calories, and therefore these have to be counted and restricted (FdH) in order for weight loss to be possible.\nHowever, more and more scientific studies show that it is not the calories but the body's own hormone insulin level that is the real reason for being overweight. You can optimize your diet to reach your desired weight and stay slim forever if you know how each food affects this hormone.

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5-HTP - Natural help for depression, sleeplessness and more...

Our stressful, modern life has devastating effects on our health. We are constantly struggling to compensate for the negative effects of poor nutrition, lack of exercise, and insufficient sleep. Scientists have found that our stressful lifestyle not only affects our bodies but also damages our brains.\nStress, poor nutrition, and too little exercise cause our brain to produce too little serotonin - a neurotransmitter that controls our mood, appetite, and ability to sleep soundly.\nWhen our brain does not produce enough serotonin, we suffer from depression, obesity, or insomnia. In addition, we can no longer achieve our maximum mental and physical performance.

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Ribose - New energy for the body

Ribose, also called D-ribose, is a simple monosaccharide with 5 carbons, also called pentose. It is used by all cells of the body and is an important part of the energy metabolism. Ribose also provides the structural backbone of our genetic material, DNA and RNA, certain vitamins and other important cell connections.\nRibose can improve the quality of life by increasing the energy of the body's cells. Regardless of whether you are a triathlete or a retiree, the effects of a lack of energy are real and can seriously affect your health and vitality.\nRibose is a vital substance that energizes the body on a basic level. It is the vital structural backbone of important cell connections called purines and pyrimidines. No other compound can replace ribose in the important task of regulating the metabolic processes involved in the synthesis of purines and pyrimidines.\nOur body must have an adequate supply of purines and pyrimidines to produce important cellular components such as our genetic material (DNA and RNA), numerous co-factors, certain vitamins and, most importantly, adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the 'energy currency' of the cells.\nWithout these vital structural components, our body would quickly run out of energy, it would not be able to produce proteins and our cells would lose the ability to split into parts.

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Magnesium - The most valuable mineral

Magnesium is involved in the formation of more than 300 vital enzymes in the body. This shows how important it is for performance and energy. Magnesium relaxes the muscles and prevents muscle cramps. It is a natural anti-stress agent, regulates blood pressure and prevents cardiac arrhythmias. Magnesium is the most valuable mineral of our time.\nMagnesium is the power mineral for all ages. It is of great importance for cell metabolism, especially in the bones and muscles, so that even a slight deficiency can have consequences for well-being and health.\nMagnesium is therefore particularly important for people with an increased need for this mineral. In addition to pregnant women and nursing mothers, this includes athletes and diabetics. \nBut even in old age, an adequate supply of magnesium not only protects the bones, but also the cardiovascular system.

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Krill oil - The healthy Omega 3 from the Antarctic

Many people are often amazed at how krill oil capsules can help with a wide range of ailments such as cardiovascular diseases, arthritis or PMS. The answer is very simple: Krill oil is a very effective anti-inflammatory. Studies now show that many chronic diseases and also aging are directly associated with inflammation.

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Moringa - From miracle tree to superfood

Parts of the plant of the Moringa tree, which is particularly widespread in South Asia and Africa, have been used as food and medicine for thousands of years. The high content of nutrients and a proven antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect make Moringa an important part of the diet and naturopathic treatment of diseases in Asia, Latin America and Africa. In recent years, Moringa has become increasingly popular as a healthy 'superfood' in Europe.

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Selenium - an important trace element

Selenium is a trace element which is naturally present in the earth, it is found in certain foods, but also to a small extent in water.\nSelenium is a very important trace element for the human body, since it increases the immune defense, is involved in the antioxidative activity against free radicals and inflammation and plays an important role in maintaining a healthy metabolism.

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