Maintaining potency into old age

For many men, potency, as an expression of their masculinity, plays a crucial role in life. But potency is not just about masculinity, because in the medical sense it is a collective term for sexual abilities, regardless of gender.

In men, potency is the ability to erect the penis and engage in sexual intercourse. But fertility is also a part of male potency. Accordingly, in women, the ability to have children and the vaginal excitability are meant with potency.

However, the potency is not limited to physical abilities, but also includes psychological components that are crucial for sexual stimulation. If there is a disruption in potency, this can lead to diverse problems for men and women alike, which are still reluctant to address due to fear of failure.

Maintaining potency into old age is very important for men. It is not just about masculinity. A fulfilled sex life also contributes a lot to maintaining health. Pomegranate, Ashwagandha and Maca have been shown to strengthen the love drive, arginine improves blood circulation and zinc promotes the formation of male sex hormones.

Causes: How do potency disorders occur?

Both men and women can experience erectile dysfunction both organically and psychologically. The psychological causes include, for example, bad sexual experiences, shame, fear, or partnership problems.

Organic causes, on the other hand, can be another underlying disease such as diabetes, arteriosclerosis, thyroid dysfunction, or cardiovascular diseases, as well as hormonal changes, nerve damage or circulatory disorders. But taking certain medications can also cause erectile problems in men, also known as erectile dysfunction, or reduced excitability in women.

Symptoms: How does a potency disorder become noticeable?

In men, erection problems primarily indicate potency disorders. Ejaculation problems or the inability to conceive are also symptoms of an impaired potency.

In contrast, an erectile dysfunction is less noticeable in women. In addition to a loss of libido, pain during sexual intercourse or a dry vagina are indicators of an impaired potency. In addition to this, the inability to conceive or have children is also considered an erectile dysfunction in women.

Diagnosis: How is the cause of an erectile dysfunction determined?

Since disorders of potency can be triggered by very different causes, it is important for the treatment to carry out a general health check-up first. Urological or gynecological examinations should only follow if no organic diseases outside the genital organs are found.

Vascular-related disorders of potency can be determined in men using a so-called Doppler sonography. A spermiogram also provides information about the fertility. Appropriate examinations by a gynecologist provide information about the causes of a possible infertility of the woman.

In addition to this, the hormone status allows statements about possible hormonal disorders. A physical examination reveals physical causes such as poorly healed birth scars. However, the treating doctor can only determine whether there are psychological reasons behind the erectile dysfunction in a comprehensive survey.

Therapy: How can potency disorders be treated?

Basically, the treatment of an erectile dysfunction depends on the causes. If the problems are caused by other underlying diseases, they must be treated first. If, on the other hand, psychological problems are to blame for the erectile dysfunction, various psychotherapies and sex therapies with the partner have often proven to be successful.

But there are also various treatment options available today for an organically caused erectile dysfunction in men. In addition to various prescription sexual enhancers, this also includes mechanical aids such as a penis pump, a penis ring or artificial erectile tissue used for surgery. But also for women, sexual enhancers are now available, which promote blood flow to the vagina and thus increase sensitivity.

Natural help against potency problems

In addition to conventional medicine, nature also offers numerous active ingredients that both stimulate the blood circulation and increases potency. This includes, for example, yohimbine, an alkaloid from the bark of the yohimbe tree, which increases the blood flow to the pelvic organs and the excitability of the nerves.

Maca, ginseng, rose root, pomegranate, hops and chaste tree also have a potency-increasing effect. In addition to this, an optimal supply of L-arginine, zinc, and various other trace elements and vitamins have a positive effect on potency.

How can you prevent an erectile dysfunction?

Although in principle not all potency problems can be prevented, a healthy diet and abstaining from smoking as well as excessive alcohol consumption often prove to be positive for the potency. In addition to this, intense discussions with the partner regarding sexual preferences and fears can often solve problems before they can even lead to potency disorders.

Tips: What you should also know about potency

  • Occasional erectile dysfunction is quite normal. The causes should only be determined if they persist for more than 6 months.
  • Massages, relaxation techniques, and acupuncture can also help improve erectile dysfunction.
  • If medication triggers erectile dysfunction, a switch may help restore potency.

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