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Vitality Nutritionals

Guaranteed quality since 1990

Safety and quality play a decisive role in the choice of dietary supplements. With our product lines Vitality Nutritionals and NutraSport, we can guarantee you the highest possible quality standard.

Only the best ingredients for your health and vitality

All ingredients used are carefully checked for their quality using the latest technology. A certificate of analysis guarantees the content of the active ingredients contained, its exact composition, the purity of the raw material and its sterility.

Above all, care is taken to ensure that it does not contain harmful substances such as pesticides, lead, mercury, bacteria, fungi, or other harmful substances. The ingredients come from manufacturers that are the best in their field. This is the only way to guarantee consistent high quality.

Tested quality that you can rely on

Dietary supplements are used to supply the body with certain nutrients or vital substances. It is therefore important that the crucial active ingredients are actually contained in a standardized, guaranteed amount. The use of high-quality raw materials is the main difference between valuable quality products and lower quality goods.

Effective composition based on the latest findings in nutritional science

Dietary supplements can only develop their full effect if the vital substances they contain are contained in sufficient doses, but above all in sensible combinations. This creates a synergy effect among the ingredients that optimize the effect of the product.

That is why our products are developed in terms of dosage and composition according to the latest scientific research and the results of nutritional science and medicine. This means that innovative food supplements are available to you that are precisely tailored to a specific area of activity.

Optimal dosage form

For most dietary supplements, which should be dosed precisely, via capsule is the optimal way of taking them (dosage form). This also avoids the often unpleasant taste of the individual ingredients.

As opposed to tablets, capsules are only loosely filled with powder and do not have to be pressed under high pressure and using auxiliary materials. Capsules completely dissolve in the stomach within a few minutes and thus guarantee optimal absorption of the vital substances.

This is why purely plant-based capsules made from cellulose are used for most of our products. We do not use standard capsules, but rather the so-called VCaps™ - plant-based capsules that dissolve particularly quickly and thus offer a faster bioavailability. All other capsules, for which this is not possible, are made from guaranteed BSE-free gelatine.

Production in certified companies gives security

Qualified nutritionists, pharmacists and food engineers are involved in the development and production of our NutraSport product line. The products are produced in tested, certified factories in Germany, Austria, Holland, Norway and the USA according to the strictest hygienic guidelines.

To guarantee absolute cleanliness, all machines are carefully cleaned before each production. Also, contamination by pro-hormones during production is not possible, as none of our producers make products that contain prohormones. Regular quality and weight controls are carried out during production and accurately recorded.

Complete details of all ingredients and active substances

All ingredients and active substances used are fully indicated on the label. There are no hidden ingredients that you may be allergic to or that may be rejected for personal reasons, as is the case with vegetarians. This means, that you are fully informed and can decide for yourself which dietary supplements are best for you.

Guaranteed safe and free from side effects

The products we offer are vital substances for food supplements and not medication. Due to their natural or near-natural composition, they are absolutely safe in the recommended dosage and there are no side effects, as can often be the case with medication. Therefore, you do not have to go to the doctor and you do not need a prescription to use our vital substance products.

Free from impurities

It goes without saying that all of our products must be free of impurities and harmful substances. To guarantee this, we select our suppliers according to strict criteria and we have raw materials and products tested on a regular basis.

Highest quality standard

As you can see, many factors determine the quality of nutritional supplements. Since we only accept the highest possible quality standard in each area, you will find a large selection of high-quality products here.

For us, quality means:

  1. High quality raw materials

  2. Effective composition

  3. Production in certified companies

  4. Optimal dosage form

  5. Full list of ingredients

  6. Free from impurities

  7. Safe and free from side effects

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