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Alkaline Powder

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Basium Alkaline Mineral Powder
Vitality Nutritionals
Basium Alkaline Mineral Powder
250 g Powder - Electrolytes for acid-base balance

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Alkaline Powder Supplements - what you should know!

Alkaline powder is a useful supplement for balancing pH levels in the body. Alkaline powder can regulate chronic acidity in the body.

Alkaline powder is a multi-mineral dietary supplement that is proven to help maintain an optimal mineral and acid-based balance in your body.

Alkaline powder is a multi-mineral dietary supplement that is proven to help maintain an optimal mineral and acid-based balance in your body.

Alkaline powder is a useful supplement for balancing pH levels in the body. Alkaline powder can regulate chronic acidity in the body.

Acidity can cause numerous health problems ranging from obesity to headaches and from loose teeth to recurring infections. Restoring the pH balance is key to maintaining optimal health.

Alkaline powder plays an important role in neutralizing acids and eradicating these health issues.

What is Alkaline Powder?

Alkaline powder is a combination of natural minerals that enable the body to regain a pH balance of 7.4.

The purpose of alkaline powder is to replace the deficits of a poor diet or unhealthy nutrition. A proper diet includes foods such as whole grains and green vegetables that are required to balance acids and alkalines in the human body but are not always available in today's stressful lifestyle.

Alkaline Powder health benefits

  • Maintainance of healthy weight
  • Fewer digestive problems
  • Stronger bones and teeth
  • May prevent cancer
  • May protect against developing infections

Alkaline Powder neutralizes acids in the body

Alkaline powder has a useful effect on the acid levels in the body. This is important because if the acid levels are too high, the human body can experience a wide range of health problems.

Alkaline powder benefits the body as it restores the pH levels to around 7.4 which is the optimal level for the body to function properly.

The body becomes too acidic when the wrong kinds of food are consumed. To maintain the correct pH levels, a person should eat a diet that is rich in green vegetables and whole grains, however this can be difficult to maintain.

Eating too many processed foods, including white flour and sugary products, as well as too much meat and animal proteins results in chronic acidity which can be difficult to rectify.

Taking an alkaline powder can help restore the balance and ward off the problems associated with acidity.

Acid conditions in the body impair liver and kidney function resulting in poor detoxification. This in turn causes fatigue, repeated infections due to the suppression of the immune system and poor absorption of nutrients. These conditions can be alleviated by taking alkaline powder supplements.

Alkaline Powder reduced free radical damage

One of the major causes of muscular inflammation, muscle and joint pain is free radicals. If the body cannot eradicate these free radicals itself a condition called oxidative stress can arise.

This disturbance occurs when too many acidic foods are consumed and strain the body's digestive system. When the human body attempts to neutralize the acidic environment, it increases the damage to tissues and causes further inflammation, only exacerbating the problem.

Free radicals are a particular problem as they cause a chain reaction in the body where they multiply in number, rapidly increasing the amount of damage.

Taking an alkaline powder supplement helps solve the problem of free radicals. It works to boost the natural antioxidant enzymes in the body which destroy the free radicals thus preventing the inflammation and infections they cause.

Alkaline Powder for strong bones and teeth

Alkaline powder can be helpful if the body is too acidic due to excess acid consumption. When this occurs, the body must attempt to restore the optimum pH balance itself. It does this by extracting alkalins from other parts of the body including the calcium from bones and teeth.

However, this weakens the bone mass and teeth and can cause osteoporosis, a disease linked to a loss of bone density and tooth loss in later years. Alkaline powder aids the restoration of pH balance by raising the alkaline levels in the body.

With the help of alkaline powder, the body no longer has to leach calcium from the teeth and bones, allowing them to strengthen. Therefore, taking alkaline powder guards against brittle bones and the associated health concerns as well as protecting teeth from damage, decay and becoming loose.

Alkaline Powder and weight loss

Alkaline powder may have a positive effect on weight loss. This is because an acidic climate in the body can result in weight gain when the body can no longer process acids effectively and begins to store them as fat tissue.

Restoring the pH balance in the body by taking alkaline powder supplements helps to rectify this problem. Taking alkaline powder also has the effect of increasing energy levels, which improves stamina when exercising.

When acid levels are too high, sluggishness and fatigue can occur; these can reduce the motivation to workout and lose weight. By taking alkaline powder, a normal level is resumed, motivation increases and longer periods of exercise can be endured. All of these factors have a positive effect and can result in weight loss.

Who may benefit from taking an Alkaline Powder supplement?

Alkaline powder may help those, who

  • are experiencing digestive problems
  • are overweight
  • are tired and sluggish
  • wish to prevent osteoporosis
  • wish to prevent tooth loss
  • wish to prevent cancer
  • suffer from recurrent infections

Does Alkaline Powder have any side effects?

There are no known alkaline powder side effects, however it should be taken correctly and it should not be overdosed. Please adhere to the recommended dosage.

The consumption of high levels of alkaline powder may result in alkaline powder side effects that can include the following symptoms, such as diarrhea and stomach pains.

Alkaline Powder interactions and combinations

Alkaline powder may interact with certain other vitamin and mineral supplements and therefore should not be taken at the same time. If other supplements are taken, a period of at least quarter of a hour should pass before taking alkaline powder.

Although there are no reported interactions between alkaline powder and any prescribed drugs, it is advisable to take them at least 15 minutes apart to ensure both will be effective.

Alkaline Powder dosage and recommendations

Alkaline powder dosage depends on the patient, their weight, medical history, diet and how acidic their body is. The average alkaline powder dosage is around 7.5g to 15g per day mixed with water.

If beta blockers are being taken or a patient has experienced kidney failure, caution should be taken when considering alkaline powder as a supplement and a doctor should be consulted. It is also advisable to consult a physician if on a calcium or potassium-free diet before taking any alkaline powder supplement.

Why take a Alkaline Powder supplement?

  • Alkaline powder supplements neutralize acid levels in the body
  • Taking alkaline powder reduces inflammation
  • Bones and teeth condition can be improved by taking alkaline powder
  • Alkaline powder destroys free radicals
  • Energy levels are boosted by taking alkaline powder
  • Alkaline powder may help with weight loss
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