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Methyl-Sulfonyl-Methane, also called MSM, is becoming increasingly popular with health professionals and the general public as it can relieve pain and increase general wellbeing. Many doctors find that a patient's need for pain medication can be greatly reduced if organic sulfur is taken at the same time as MSM capsules or MSM powder. MSM has enabled many people to live pain-free for the first time in years. MSM research and its analgesic properties are still in their early stages. The good news, however, is that MSM is a very safe, natural substance that can also be taken in combination with pain relievers.

What can MSM do for you?

Due to its various positive properties, MSM is recommended by doctors for health and vitality as well as to support the healing processes. These include:

General effects of MSM on the body

  • reduces pain
  • reduces inflammation
  • increases blood circulation

MSM for joints and cartilage

  • promotes cartilage building
  • helps with rheumatic polyarthritis
  • relieves back pain
  • helps with joint pain
  • reduces gout symptoms

MSM for the nervous system

  • relieves migraines
  • helps with nerve pain

MSM for the stomach, intestines, and bladder

  • strengthens the mucous membrane in the intestinal tract
  • helps with chronic constipation
  • strengthens the mucous membrane of the urinary tract

MSM for the immune system

  • lowers the autoimmune reaction
  • alleviates allergies
  • prevents colds

MSM for connective tissue and anti-aging

  • strengthens the connective tissue
  • improves the elasticity of the skin
  • reduces wrinkles
  • slows down the aging process
  • helps with acne and dry skin
  • speeds up wound healing
  • promotes hair growth
  • strengthens the nails

MSM for sports & fitness

  • helps with tennis elbow
  • helps with bursitis
  • helps with tendonitis
  • relieves strains and sprains
  • relaxes tense muscles
MSM is a natural sulphur compound. Due to its many beneficial qualities, doctors recommend MSM as a way of boosting health and vitality and supporting healing processes. MSM helps with joint pain and sports...
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