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Biotin 5.000 mcg
Vitality Nutritionals
Biotin 5.000 mcg
90 capsules - Biotin - the vitamin for beautiful hair and strong nails

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Don't leave your vitality and health to chance. Studies show that the effects of a Vitamin deficiency have a greater impact on health than was previously believed. A good multivitamin supplement ensures that you are provided with all the essential vital substances. Millions of people take multivitamins every day to safeguard their health.

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For glowing, silky skin and full, shiny hair, you need biotin, which is why biotin is known as 'the beauty Vitamin'. Biotin can do more for your beauty than the most promising cosmetic products in the world. A biotin deficiency shows up not only in the skin and the hair, but also in energetic metabolism. A lack of biotin causes blood sugar fluctuations and a ravenous appetite.

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Vitamin B

The latest research shows that B Vitamins are particularly important for a long and healthy life. They boost energy and performance, and are crucial for a radiant skin, strong, healthy hair, and the cardiovascular system. If you are constantly under stress, you especially need a large amount of B Vitamins. They help us to cope with stress easier, calm our nerves and boost our mental energy.

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According to the WHO, about 1.3 billion people suffer from iron deficiency. The typical symptoms of iron deficiency are fatigue and exhaustion, headaches, dizziness, lack of energy, shortness of breath, palpitations, paleness, loss of appetite, hair loss, brittle nails, and cracked skin at the corners of the mouth. High risk groups include in particular women and vegetarians.

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Protein is the foundation of a good figure, because it has a much stronger thermogenic effect in the body than fat or carbohydrates. Protein contains amino acids that block the feeling of hunger, and create hormones and enzymes essential to breaking down fat. Protein is your most important companion on the road to an attractive figure.

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MSM is a natural sulphur compound. Due to its many beneficial qualities, doctors recommend MSM as a way of boosting health and vitality and supporting healing processes. MSM helps with joint pain and sports injuries, improves the elasticity of the skin, and strengthens nails.

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