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Item No.: 6784-7W

Gaba - relief anxiety naturally

Made in Europe
  • reduces the feeling of unrest and anxiety
  • noticeable calmness and tranquility within minutes
  • contains pure GABA plus GABA-releasing nutrients
  • natural aid to prevent and shorten panic attacks
  • convenient single servings in sticks

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€178.51 / 1KG

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    Customer reviews about GABA

    Worries, problems, and uncertainty all produce anxiety and fear. This uncomfortable feeling is caused by a lack of GABA in the brain and in the central nervous system. GABA makes up for a lack of GABA, and calms and relaxes in a natural way.

    GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) is the ultimate neurotransmitter for inner calm and relaxation of the brain and central nervous system. A lack of GABA can be caused by persistent worry, stress, uncertainty, or simply as a result of increasing age. This gives restlessness and anxiety the upper hand and may, at its worst, lead to panic attacks.

    How does GABA work?

    When we are confronted with threats, stress, and uncertainty, large amounts of the neurotransmitter glutamate are produced, which triggers a feeling of anxiety and agitation throughout our entire body.

    GABA is the adversary of glutamate and is a natural calming agent in our body. Consequently, in the case of a GABA deficiency, the body remains in a permanent state of fear and anxiety due to an excess of glutamate.

    GABA and its calming effect:

    • naturally reduces the feeling of anxiety
    • promotes the ability to fall asleep and stay asleep without interruption
    • calms and relaxes mind and body
    • promotes noticeable calmness and tranquility within minutes
    • reduces thoughts going in circles and inner tension
    • reduces aggression and irritability
    • helps to prevent, reduce and shorten panic attacks

    Why you should opt to take GABA:

    1. GABA is a fast acting formula to promote the natural relaxation of mind and body. It combines pure GABA with 5 other GABA-enhancing, relaxing nutrients.
    2. GABA contains a high dose of 750mg GABA per serving. If needed you can also use just half a stick, several times per day.
      • GABA has a slightly sweet/sour taste. If needed you can also dissolve the powder directly in the mouth. This way, the nutrients are absorbed more rapidly directly by the oral mucosa.
      • GABA does not contain any sweeteners or sugar.
      • GABA is guaranteed free from flowing agents, colors and flavors.
      • GABA does not contain any allergens and is also suited for vegans and vegetarians.

    What do the individual vital substances do in Gaba?

    • 1. GABA

      When threatened, stressed and insecure, our body produces large amounts of the messenger substance glutamate, which triggers the feeling of fear and restlessness. GABA opposes glutamate and has a calming effect on the mind and body.

      A persistent GABA deficiency combined with an excess of glutamate can lead to many symptoms such as anxiety, restlessness, stress, mood changes, sleep disorders, muscle tension, increased PMS symptoms, indigestion and constipation.

      By adding GABA, the negative effects of glutamate are balanced and the body is balanced again. The feeling of fear and restlessness is reduced naturally.

      Effects of GABA:

      • has a calming effect
      • leads to noticeable serenity and inner peace
      • reduces circles of thought
      • promotes falling asleep
      • is a natural help for panic attacks
    • 2. Glycine

      Glycine is the second most common amino acid in our body and therefore has a major impact on many metabolic functions.

      Glycine helps regulate nerve impulses throughout the body by balancing electrolytes such as calcium, chlorine, and potassium. In the nervous system, glycine acts as an inhibitory neurotransmitter, i.e. as a messenger with an inhibitory effect. As such, it reduces the hyperactivity of nerve impulses in the brain and central nervous system. It ensures inner peace, reduces feelings of fear and aggression, reduces circles of thought and promotes falling asleep.

      Glycine also improves mental performance by regulating the synthesis of certain nutrients that the brain and nerves need for energy. Glycine also helps to stabilize blood sugar levels and counteracts fatigue during the day.

      A study conducted by the Japanese Society of Sleep Research has shown that glycine improves sleep quality, reduces daytime fatigue, and improves brain performance in terms of memory.

      Glycine is also involved in the formation of glutathione, reduces the loss of collagen in the joints and in the skin, supports the healing of the intestinal mucosa, plays a role in the synthesis of red blood cells, supports healthy blood sugar, helps with fatigue, is on involved in the biosynthesis of creatine and promotes muscle building.

      Effects of glycine:

      • promotes inner peace
      • helps to fall asleep
      • reduces circles of thought
      • promotes intellectual performance
      • counteracts fatigue during the day
    • 3. L-Theanine

      The amino acid L-theanine is obtained from green tea. It stimulates alpha waves in the brain and is also involved in the formation of the neurotransmitter gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA). L-Theanine thereby relaxes the mind and at the same time makes you more concentrated and attentive.

      Effects of L-theanine:

      • has a calming and relaxing effect without making you sleepy
      • promotes mental sharpness and concentration
      • reduces anxiety by calming the central nervous system
      • reduces the negative effects of stress
      • reduces aggression and irritability
      • supports a restful sleep
    • 4. Magnesium

      Magnesium is usually only associated with leg cramps. A magnesium deficiency can also lead to restlessness, poor concentration and memory, panic attacks, irritability, and sleep disorders and promotes the development of bad moods.

      There is increasing evidence that chronic stress can lead to magnesium deficiency, which in turn leads to an increased susceptibility to stress. Long-term stress can drain the body's magnesium reserves and promote the development of anxiety.

      Magnesium binds to GABA receptors and activates them. Magnesium is important among other things for the relaxation of the muscles, for the balance of the nervous system and for the production of serotonin.

    • 5. Manganese

      Together with vitamin B6 and manganese, glutamic acid is a precursor for the formation of GABA in the brain. Therefore, a low manganese level can lead to a lack of GABA and promote the development of anxiety.

      Manganese also helps stabilize blood sugar and prevent mood swings caused by low blood sugar.

    • 6. Vitamin B6

      GABA contains pyridoxal-5-phosphate (P-5-P), the activated form of vitamin B6. Only in this active form can vitamin B6 be transported in the blood and work together with other vital substances.

      By taking active pyridoxal-5-phosphate, it is not necessary for the body to activate the various forms of vitamin B6, such as pyridoxal, pyridoxine, and pyridoxamine, to produce pyridoxal-5-phosphate. This means that pyridoxal-5-phosphate is immediately available and acts faster.

      Problems converting from conventional Vitamin B6 can be excluded by taking activated pyridoxal-5-phosphate. This activation process can be restricted, for example, due to a lack of nutrients or enzyme defects, impaired liver function, as well as with autism or in the elderly.

      As a coenzyme, vitamin B6 is involved in around 100 enzymatic metabolic processes. Among other things, vitamin B6 plays a decisive role in protein and energy metabolism, contributes to the normal functioning of the nervous system, is involved in the production of the happiness hormone serotonin, ensures the formation of the red blood pigment and helps to keep homocysteine at bay.

    Does GABA have any side effects or interactions?

    Those who suffer from severe anxiety disorders or are taking antidepressants, psychotropic drugs, sleeping pills, sedatives or epileptic drugs, should take GABA only after consulting with a doctor. The reason is that the effect of the drugs could be enhanced by GABA and could lead to increased fatigue.

    A key benefit of supplements is that they are usually free from side effects. GABA also usually has no side effects at the recommended dosage. Tiredness and side effects such as tingling under the skin, shortness of breath and an increased heartbeat can only occur with a higher dosage of more than 3000mg or with people who react very sensitively.

    However, these symptoms are harmless and resolve themselves after a short time. In this case, we recommend halving the dose and, if necessary, slowly increasing it again at a later time. But as mentioned earlier, these symptoms are mainly dose-related.

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      €178.51 /

    Suggested use

    Dissolve the content of one stick (1 serving) in water or fruit juice and drink before bedtime. If needed, consume a second serving during the day before or between meals.

    GABA Relax can cause tiredness in some people. If this happens to you, do not take it before driving or other activities which require full concentration. Instead, L-theanine Relax can be taken before you engage in these activities.

    This product contains no allergens.

    Each stick (1 serving) contains:

    • 3000 mg L-Glycine
    • 750 mg GABA
    • 200 mg Green Tea Extract
      • of which 80 mg L-Theanine
    • 100 mg Magnesium
    • 3,5 mg Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate)
    • 0,5 mg Manganese

    L-Glycine, GABA (Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid), Magnesium Citrate, Green Tea Extract (40% L-Theanine), Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate, Manganese Bisglycinate

    Guaranteed pure and free from additives:

    • free from lactose, gluten, yeast, soy
    • free from wheat and dairy products
    • free from artificial colors and preservatives
    • free from genetically modified substances
    • free from animal products
    • suitable for Vegetarians, Vegans and Diabetics

    • Store tightly closed in a cool, dry place
    • Protect from sunlight and moisture
    • Do not store in the refrigerator
    • Leave the desiccant in the container
    • Keep out of reach of children

    Food supplements are not a substitute for a balanced, varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. Keep out of reach of children. The information provided is not intended as a substitute for advice from your physician or other health care professionals. It is not a statement on healing or a recommendation for self-medication.

    • Dairy Free
    • Egg Free
    • Fish Free
    • Free of Colours
    • Fructose Free
    • Gelatine Free
    • Gluten Free
    • Lactose Free
    • No Artificial Sweetener
    • No Flavours
    • No Magnesium Stearate
    • No Microcrystal Cellulose
    • Non-GMO
    • Nut Free
    • Peanut Free
    • Preservative Free
    • Shellfish Free
    • Soy Free
    • Sugar Free
    • Vegan
    • Vegetarian
    • Wheat Free
    • Yeast Free
    • Made in Europe

    Guaranteed Quality for Your Health


    When it comes to your health, quality is most important. Therefore our Vitality Nutritionals products undergo state of the art independent laboratory analysis to verify label claims and to ensure that you get the highest quality nutrition supplements.

    These 5 factors guarantee our quality:

    1. Proven quality

    • all ingredients are tested for their purity and active compounds
    • an independent laboratory also checks the quality of the end products
    • the quality of the ingredients and products is confirmed by a certificate of analysis

    2. Highest quality ingredients without compromise

    • we only use the highest quality and pure ingredients
    • standardised ingredients guarantee the potency of active ingredients
    • highest bioavailability in a therapeutically effective dose

    3. Guaranteed pure and free from additives

    • total avoidance of all unnecessary additives
    • absolutely free of artificial colours, fillers, binders etc.
    • guaranteed free of genetically modified substances

    4. Manufactured in certified companies

    • manufactured in certified facilities with the latest production equipment
    • produced in compliance with the strictest hygiene regulations
    • manufactured to the highest quality standards such as GMP, HACCP, IFS, etc.

    5. Complete transparency

    • all ingredients and composition of the raw materials are indicated
    • specification of all ingredients with their standardised active content
    • allergens and animal products are always stated

    Customer reviews about GABA

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