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Fitness Protein Powder Choco-Nut

500g Powder

Item No.: 6611-02
Made in Europe
  • high protein content of 85%
  • high bioavailability of 138
  • very low fat content
  • no sugar added
  • optimized with Carnipure L-Carnitine
  • Unflavored does not contain sweeteners

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Fitness Protein Powder Choco-Nut,500g Powder

Fitness Protein Powder Choco-Nut

Fitness Protein Powder Choco-Nut

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Customer reviews about Fitness Protein Powder Choco-Nut

Fitness Protein is a Protein Drink which contains a powerful blend of high quality milk-, egg- and soy protein with a very high biological value. It is optimized with L-Carnitine, vitamins and minerals to improve the body's protein metabolism.

Protein - the critical nutrient

Aside from water, humans consist largely of protein. We need protein for vitality, strength and performance. All functions of our body depend on sufficient supply of high quality protein.

It is crucial for a strong immune system and the development of healthy muscle, skin, hair, bone as well as hormones. The brain requires protein for concentration, good mood and inner balance. Protein thus has to be considered the key element in human nutrition.

How much protein do you need?

On average we need 1g protein daily for every kilogram (2.2 lbs) of bodyweight. If you are an active individual, regularly participate in sports, or are exposed to constant stress, your protein requirements may double.

When do you need more protein?

  • during intense physical or mental stress
  • during intense sports
  • during low-calorie diets
  • if your nutrition contains no meats
  • if you suffer from protein deficiency

How do you get more protein?

Protein concentrates are a popular, quickly accessible source of high-quality protein. They contain nearly no fat, are easy to digest and to resorb. Protein drinks are quickly prepared, taste delicious and can be used as a meal replacement or snack.

Smooth skin and full hair

Protein is crucial for healthy skin, georgeous hair and elastic connective tissue. Our skin needs protein as it constantly regenerates. Protein bulding blocks produce collagen and elastine, which keep skin smooth and hair strong.

Stay slim and beautiful with protein

Fitness experts have known for years that the only way to get lean and stay lean is to eat more protein and less carbohydrates and fat. Sufficient protein supplies are critical, particularly when trying to lose weight.

Most diets quickly result in protein deficiency. The consequences: lack of concentration, bad mood, pale skin, weak muscles and - in extreme cases - even hair loss.

Protein drinks are the perfect nutritional supplement for any diet. They promote fat loss, curb the appetite, keep us active and maintain good mood. Each serving of Fitness Protein, mixed with skim milk has only 196 calories; mixed with water this number drops even lower to 117 calories.

Advice: Enhance your diet success by avoiding sugar, sodas, refined flour and fatty foods. Get your energy from vegetables and fresh fruit. These deliver important vital elements and are low in calories. Avoid fruit juices - they are highly concentrated and contain too many calories.

Power-nutrition for more fitness and vitality

With its combination of superior protein from milk, egg and soy, Fitness Protein possesses extraordinarily high bioavailability. To enhance energy, endurance and performance, Fitness Protein is enriched with critical vital nutrients, e.g. L-Carnitine, vitamins and minerals.

Advantages of Fitness Protein:

  • Fitness Protein contains superior protein from milk, whey and egg as well as vegetable protein produced from natural, non-genetically modified soy beans. This blend of various protein sources achieves the extraordinarily high bioavailability rating of 138* and has a balanced composition of essential and non-essential amino acids.
  • Fitness Protein is extremely low in fat. Most protein-rich foods unfortunately also contain high amounts of fat, e.g. cheese, sausage and meat. FitnessProtein only contains 0.5g fat per serving Protein without fat is the secret for staying young and lean.
  • Fitness Protein is optimized with L-Carnitine. Each serving of FitnessProtein contains 300 mg L-Carnitine, which plays an active role in both fat metabolism and energy production.
  • Fitness Protein is enriched with precious vitamins and minerals. Each serving contains 83% of the recommended daily value in key vitamins and the minerals Magnesium and Calcium.
  • Fitness Protein is a quickly available protein source
  • Fitness Protein is prepared within just a few minutes and delivers 27g pure, superior protein per serving.
  • Fitness Protein is a cost-efficient protein source. Each serving costs just EUR 1.45 No regular food contains comparable amounts of high-quality protein for so little money.
  • Fitness Protein contains pure protein. It is guaranteed sugar-free which makes it ideal for diet purposes. It is free of purine and contains no cholesterol which could cause clogged arteries.

Product details

Fitness Protein Powder Choco-Nut

  • Item No.


  • Brand

    Vitality Nutritionals

  • Servings


  • Made in


  • Pack size

    500 g Powder

  • Serving size


  • Price per kg/l

    €0.00 / 1KG

Suggested use

Mix two measuring spoons (33g) of Fitness Protein powder with 250ml water or milk, or add it to your smoothie or protein shake. Use a blender or shaker. Depending on your protein need, have 1 to 3 drinks a day.

  • Egg
  • Lactose
  • Milk
  • Soy


33g Fitness Protein (1 serving) contain:

  • 25,2g Protein (85,3% dry base)
  • 1,5g Carbohydrates (contains 1,0g sugars)
  • 0,69g Fat (contains 0,31g saturated fatty acids)
  • 113 Calories
  • 300mg Carnipure L-carnitine
  • 0,30g Salt

100g Fitness Protein(3 servings) contain:

  • 76,4g Protein (85,3% dry base)
  • 4,6g Carbohydrates (contains 3,3g sugars)
  • 2,1g Fat (contains 0,95g saturated fatty acids)
  • 345 Calories
  • 909 mg Carnipure L-carnitine
  • 0,91g Salt


33g Fitness Protein (1 serving) contain:

  • 24,2g Protein (85,3% dry base)
  • 1,4g Carbohydrates (contains 1,0g sugars)
  • 1,0g Fat (contains 0,41g saturated fatty acids)
  • 112 Calories
  • 300mg Carnipure L-carnitine
  • 0,31g Salt

100g Fitness Protein(3 servings) contain:

  • 73,6g Protein (85,3% dry base)
  • 4,2g Carbohydrates (contains 3,0g sugars)
  • 3,1g Fat (contains 1,2g saturated fatty acids)
  • 339 Calories
  • 909 mg Carnipure L-carnitine
  • 0,96g Salt


Minerals per100g Fitness Protein:

  • 580 mg Magnesium
  • 1496 mg Calcium
  • 5 mg Zinc
  • 765 mg Phosporous

Vitamins per 100g Fitness Protein:

  • 30 mg Vitamin E (250% RDA)
  • 200 mg Vitamin C (250% RDA)
  • 2,7 mg Vitamin B1 (248% RDA)
  • 3,5 mg Vitamin B2 (250% RDA)
  • 3,5 mg Vitamin B6 (250% RDA)
  • 6,3 mcg Vitamin B12 (250% RDA)
  • 40 mg Niacin (250% RDA)
  • 15 mg Pantothenic acid(250% RDA)
  • 500 mcg Folic acid(250% RDA)
  • 125 mcg Biotin (250% RDA)

Amino Acids per 100g Protein:

    • 2,6 g L-Alanine
    • 3,0 g L-Arginine
    • 5,9 g L-Aspartic acid
    • 0,8 g L-Cystine/Cysteine
    • 13,9 g L-Glutamic acid
    • 1,5 g L-Glycine
    • 1,8 g L-Histidine
    • 3,6 g L-Isoleucin*
    • 6,3 g L-Leucine*
    • 5,5 g L-Lysine*
    • 1,7 g L-Methionine*
    • 3,2 g L-Phenylalanine*
    • 5,7 g L-Proline
    • 3,7 g L-Serine
    • 3,2 g L-Threonine*
    • 0,6 g L-Tryptophan*
    • 3,1 g L-Tyrosine
    • 4,1 g L-Valine*
  • nbsp;(*essential Amino acids)

VANILLA: Milkprotein Isolate, Soy Protein Isolate*, Whey Protein Isolate, Egg Protein, Calcium Carbonate, Magnesium Carbonate, Aroma, L-carnitine-tartrate, Thickening Agent: Carrageenan, Emulsifier: Sunflower Lecithin, L-Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Sweetener: Sucralose, DL-Alpha-Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Nicotinamid (Niacin, Vitamin B3), Calcium D-pantothenate (Vitamin B5), Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (Vitamin B6), Riboflavin (Vitamin B2), Thiamine Mononitrate (Vitamin B1), Pteroylmonoglutamic Acid(Folic Acid), D-biotin, Cyanocobalamine (Vitamin B12)

CHOCOLATE/NUT: Milkprotein Isolate, Soy Protein Isolate*, Whey Protein Isolate, Egg Protein, Fat Reduced Cocoa, Calcium Carbonate, Aroma, Magnesium Carbonate, L-carnitine-tartrate, Thickening Agent: Carrageenan, Emulsifier: Sunflower Lecithin, L-Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Sweetener: Sucralose, DL-Alpha-Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Nicotinamid (Niacin, Vitamin B3), Calcium D-pantothenate (Vitamin B5), Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (Vitamin B6), Riboflavin (Vitamin B2), Thiamine Mononitrate (Vitamin B1), Pteroylmonoglutamic Acid (Folic Acid), D-biotin, Cyanocobalamine (Vitamin B12)

  • Store tightly closed in a cool, dry place
  • Protect from sunlight and moisture
  • Do not store in the refrigerator
  • Leave the desiccant in the container
  • Keep out of reach of children

Food supplements are not a substitute for a balanced, varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. Keep out of reach of children. The information provided is not intended as a substitute for advice from your physician or other health care professionals. It is not a statement on healing or a recommendation for self-medication.

  • Fish Free
  • Fructose Free
  • Gelatine Free
  • Gluten Free
  • No Magnesium Stearate
  • No Microcrystal Cellulose
  • No Sugar Alcohol
  • Non-GMO
  • Nut Free
  • Peanut Free
  • Preservative Free
  • Shellfish Free
  • Sugar Free
  • Vegetarian
  • Yeast Free
  • Made in Europe

Guaranteed Quality for Your Health


When it comes to your health, quality is most important. Therefore our Vitality Nutritionals products undergo state of the art independent laboratory analysis to verify label claims and to ensure that you get the highest quality nutrition supplements.

These 5 factors guarantee our quality:

1. Proven quality

  • all ingredients are tested for their purity and active compounds
  • an independent laboratory also checks the quality of the end products
  • the quality of the ingredients and products is confirmed by a certificate of analysis

2. Highest quality ingredients without compromise

  • we only use the highest quality and pure ingredients
  • standardised ingredients guarantee the potency of active ingredients
  • highest bioavailability in a therapeutically effective dose

3. Guaranteed pure and free from additives

  • total avoidance of all unnecessary additives
  • absolutely free of artificial colours, fillers, binders etc.
  • guaranteed free of genetically modified substances

4. Manufactured in certified companies

  • manufactured in certified facilities with the latest production equipment
  • produced in compliance with the strictest hygiene regulations
  • manufactured to the highest quality standards such as GMP, HACCP, IFS, etc.

5. Complete transparency

  • all ingredients and composition of the raw materials are indicated
  • specification of all ingredients with their standardised active content
  • allergens and animal products are always stated

Customer reviews about Fitness Protein Powder Choco-Nut

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