Bärbel Drexel

Bärbel Drexel – Naturally pure quality

Bärbel Drexel GmbH has been producing food supplements and natural cosmetics since 1996. The company is deeply rooted in nature. Because in nature there are real treasures for health and wellbeing to discover: the best of nature - for the best for people.

Naturally pure quality

For its food supplements and natural cosmetic products, Bärbel Drexel GmbH exclusively uses naturally pure, GMO-free ingredients . They come from controlled cultivation or controlled organic cultivation and are processed particularly gently and nutrient-preserving.

The Drexel Purity Law applies to the products without exception:

  • Without artificial auxiliaries and binding materials
  • Without parabens and synthetic preservatives
  • Without synthetic fragrances and dyes
  • Without artificial flavors
  • Without flavor enhancer
  • Without genetic engineering
  • Without animal testing
  • Without paraffins and petroleum products
  • Without silicones and greenhouse gases
  • Without PEG and PPG emulsifiers

All vitamins, minerals, trace elements, nutrients and vital substances contained are present in a natural combination. In this way, the human body can absorb and utilize them particularly easily. That means highest bioavailability with the best tolerability .

The cosmetic products were also subjected to a dermatological test by the independent testing institute Dermatest and rated "very good".

Long-term naturopathic knowledge

The Bärbel Drexel GmbH was founded by the alternative practitioner Bärbel Drexel. From an early age, she showed an extraordinary passion for naturopathy. Later she made the appointment to a profession, successfully studied at one of the most renowned alternative practitioner schools in Germany and completed internships in university clinics and holistic medical sanatoriums.

Shortly after the opening of her alternative practitioner practice, Bärbel Drexel began to manufacture all the preparations that she prescribed for her patients. So she could be sure that only high-quality ingredients were used in her recipes. In 1996 she decided to found the Bärbel Drexel GmbH in order to be able to make her products reliably accessible to the constantly growing customer base.

The knowledge of the founder of Drexel at the holistic nature of the human being and the healing power of nature is the basis of all of the company's recipes to this day.

Production in Germany

The roots of Bärbel Drexel GmbH lie in the small town Baar in the Swabian part of Bavaria : in the middle of nature, surrounded by meadows and forests. One is aware of these roots, and so all products are still developed in our in-house nature laboratory and manufactured in our own production.

Product safety stands above everything: The comprehensive internal and external analyzes and controls go far beyond the legal requirements. A sensible interlocking of precise manual work with modern production technology ensures the exceptionally high quality is permanently guaranteed.

No animal testing

Of course Bärbel-Drexel products are not tested on animals. Bärbel Drexel GmbH also does not commission testing on animals for raw materials.

Transparency and trust

The decision for nutritional supplements and natural cosmetics is a matter of trust. Bärbel Drexel GmbH you take your time for personal advice of the customers. And you will be informed in detail about all the ingredients used on the labels and for the products in the online shop.