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Buying CLA - What you should know

If you're looking to buy CLA, you've come to the right place. With us, you will find CLA of the highest quality and bioavailability, guaranteed free of unwanted additives. Before you buy CLA, you can find out what you need to consider here.

CLA is particularly important for people on a low-fat diet, overweight people, diabetics, competitive athletes and bodybuilders.

CLA is particularly important for people on a low-fat diet, overweight people, diabetics, competitive athletes and bodybuilders.

If you're looking to buy CLA, you've come to the right place. With us, you will find CLA of the highest quality and bioavailability, guaranteed free of unwanted additives. Before you buy CLA, you can find out what you need to consider here.

CLA stands for Conjugated Linoleic Acid. As a modified form of linoleic acid, CLA is one of the omega-6 fatty acids. It is mainly cultured in the stomachs of ruminants such as cows and in this way, it finds its way into human food via meat and dairy products. Vegetable oils such as safflower oil also contain CLA. The substance is particularly popular with athletes in the strength and bodybuilding sectors. But any person can benefit from supplementation. Due to today's rather low-fat diet, the daily requirement for CLA is not always covered by the daily diet. Since CLA is one of the essential fatty acids, the body is not able to produce the substance itself. A deficiency can have far-reaching consequences.

What can CLA do for you?

CLA is involved in various metabolic processes in the body. Accordingly, dietary supplement can be used in a variety of ways.

  • Healthy body weight Experts suspect a connection between an increase in body fat percentage and a diet low in CLA. Studies show that a CLA intake has an impact on body fat mass. Thus the conjugated linoleic acid can support a diet meaningfully.[1]
  • Muscle building CLA not only has an effect on fat loss, but also on protein production. The conjugated linoleic acid can support muscle building this way.[2]
  • Strong defence system A strong body's own defence system is a basic requirement for a healthy and vital life. As an antioxidant, CLA can contribute to a functioning immune system and support cell health.[3]

Buying CLA - What should you look out for?

When looking to buy CLA, you will find that there is a wide range of supplements to choose from. We'll tell you what you should really look out for when buying CLA.

  1. Products and dosage forms
  2. Dosage and ingredients
  3. Application and tolerance
  4. Additives and allergens
  5. Price-performance ratio
  6. Satisfaction guaranteed

Products and dosage forms

CLA is available in powder and capsule form. We will explain the most important advantages and disadvantages of the individual dosage forms.

  • CLA powder

  • You can simply stir the desired dose of CLA powder into water. The powder preparations usually come with a measuring spoon so that you can easily dose the powder. It should be noted, however, that most people do not find the taste of the powder particularly pleasant. A possible alternative to this are the CLA capsules.
  • CLA capsules

  • CLA capsules contain a standardized dose of conjugated linoleic acid. This is mostly obtained from safflower oil. The CLA isomers cis-9-trans-11 and trans-10-cis-12 show the highest bioactivity. In contrast to the CLA powder, the capsules are tasteless. So if you have sensitive taste buds, it is better to buy capsules. They can be dosed easily and safely and are practical companions when travelling or in your free time. Capsules made from safflower oil with a plant-based capsule shell are also suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

    CLA: dosage

    There is no general dosage recommendation for CLA. However, nutrition experts recommend a daily intake of 1 to 3 g. This dose is difficult to achieve with a balanced diet, as foods rich in conjugated linoleic acid are usually high in fat and calories. An additional intake of 1000 to 3000 mg CLA per day via a dietary supplement is considered harmless. It is best to take the supplement with your main meals. You can also divide the daily dose into several individual servings for better absorption.

    Application and tolerance

    There are no known side effects when taken at the recommended dosage. Also, no interactions with other vital substances or medication have been detected so far.

    Like most fatty acids, conjugated linoleic acid is extremely sensitive to temperature and light. In order for you to benefit from your high-quality food supplement for as long as possible, you should store CLA in the refrigerator after opening. This way, the high-quality fatty acids do not lose their stability and their effectiveness is retained.

    Depending on the application, CLA can be easily combined with other food supplements. The combined intake of CLA with amino acids or protein powder can be useful, for example, with a diet. Athletes can also benefit from the synergy of dietary supplements.

    Additives and allergens

    When buying CLA, you should make sure that the product is free of unnecessary additives such as preservatives, colours, binders or fillers.

    There is no known CLA allergy. If you have any known allergies, it is important to ensure that the product in question does not contain any potential allergens such as lactose, gluten, soy and yeast. Genetically modified substances should also not be part of a high-quality dietary supplement.

    Price-performance ratio

    When you buy CLA online, you will notice huge price differences. Before you buy a very cheap product, you should study the ingredients in detail. Very cheap food supplements often contain unnecessary additives such as colourings or preservatives. Also, cheap products are often lower dosed. For example, a CLA capsule does not contain 1000 mg CLA, but only 500 or 200 mg CLA. In order to achieve a daily dose of 2000 mg, you would have to take significantly more capsules. This way, the lower price at first glance is often put into perspective very quickly. A price comparison can therefore be worthwhile. You can find CLA food supplements with a very good price-performance ratio online. Only raw materials of high quality and purity are used here.

    Satisfaction guarantee

    As a dietary supplement, CLA is usually very well tolerated. But no organism functions the same way, so that even high-quality products can, in rare cases, lead to intolerance. If you want to save yourself the unnecessary hassle, you can buy your CLA capsules online from a dealer with a satisfaction guarantee. If the product does not meet your requirements, you can send it back within a specified period of time. You will then get your money back or you can exchange the products as you wish. So you are not taking any risks when buying this product.

    Questions and answers about buying CLA

    You might also be interested in these questions and answers about buying CLA.

    Where can I buy CLA?

    The largest selection of high-quality products is available online. You can occasionally find food supplements with conjugated linoleic acid in specialist sports shops.

    For whom is CLA suitable as a nutritional supplement?

    CLA capsules or CLA powder are suitable for all people who want to actively contribute to their health. As a result of various studies in the past few decades, more and more people are avoiding fat in their diet. Although various fats can promote the development of cardiovascular diseases such as arteriosclerosis, a lack of good fatty acids has just as many far-reaching consequences. Due to the change in our diet, we hardly ever consume enough CLA. A dietary supplement can be useful in order to prevent a deficiency or to counteract an existing deficiency. The supply of CLA is particularly recommended for:

    • People who want to go on a diet
    • People who have a particularly low-fat or unbalanced diet
    • Athletes who want to build muscle

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