All-in-one formulas

  • activates muscle growth
  • maximizes muscle pump
  • activates fat burning
  • accelerates regeneration
  • enriched with creatine

All-in-one formulas for more performance and faster regeneration

All-in-one formulas are especially important for athletes and strength athletes who have to perform unusually high levels of physical performance.

All-in-one formulas were developed to provide the body with all of the building blocks it needs for muscle building and regeneration with just one product. They contain carbohydrates, proteins, amino acids, minerals and vitamins. In addition to this, all-in-one formulas can contain special active ingredients such as creatine, beta alanine, ribose, ZMA and many more.

All-in-one formulas are made up of various nutrients. These are mostly carbohydrates, proteins and amino acids, often combined with special performance-enhancing substances such as creatine, beta alanine, BCAAs, ZMA and others.

The absorption of these nutrients through normal food supports normal energy production and muscle regeneration. However, when stress is increased, the body has an increased need for these nutrients. In this case, the additional intake of all-in-one formulas is recommended.

What are all-in-one formulas?

  • They provide important nutrients for building muscles
  • They support the regeneration processes in the muscles
  • They support muscle build-up
  • They support the recovery of the body after increased physical exertion

Effect of all-in-one formulas

The combination of the active ingredients contained in the all-in-one formulas, ensures that the body immediately receives all the nutrients it needs for increased physical exertion and for regeneration afterward.

The energy production is stimulated by carbohydrates. The amino acids support the supply of the muscle cells, prevent muscle breakdown and ensure that the muscles regenerate faster.

Another advantage of the all-in-one formulas, is the faster build-up of muscle mass after exercise, as the nutrients stimulate and accelerate protein synthesis.

All-in-one formulas are recommended for

  • performing weight training
  • the effective build-up of muscles
  • supporting the muscles in their regeneration
  • supporting weight loss through less fat storage

How is a lack of nutrients manifested?

A healthy diet is usually enough to supply the body with all nutrients and vital substances. However, if the body is under increased stress, it activates its reserves in order to be able to produce sufficient energy and strength. In this case, deficiency symptoms can occur, such as loss of muscle mass, a drop in energy, physical weakness, tiredness and a lack of drive. This is a sign that the body's depots need to be replenished.

The supply of all-in-one formulas after increased physical exertion prevents these deficiency symptoms, protects the body from muscle injuries, reduces the breakdown of muscle mass and promotes regeneration.

All-in-one formulas: Ingestion and application

All-in-one formulas are mainly used in weight training to increase the performance of the muscles and to stimulate muscle build-up.

It is ideally taken directly after training or increased physical exertion. During this period, the body's needs and capacities are particularly high.

For whom are all-in-one formulas particularly important?

  • For athletes (strength)
  • For people with increased physical strain
  • For people who want to build muscle mass
  • People who want to support regeneration

What experts say about all-in-one formulas

Various studies have shown that all-in-one formulas have a positive effect on muscle growth and the body's energy storage.

The composition of the individual all-in-one formula is important. Basically, they have the effect that the body is supplied with those nutrients that it lost through exercise. This prevents the loss of muscle mass, promotes regeneration and stimulates muscle building.

Do all-in-one formulas have side effects or interactions?

There are no known interactions when taking all-in-one formulas. The ingredients of these dietary supplements are basically also available in daily food but in smaller quantities. The effect of all-in-one formulas depends on the metabolism of the individual person and the number of nutrients they contain.

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