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Rutin: All the important information and what you should consider when making a purchase

If you are looking for rutin to support the strengthening of your veins and to ensure your metabolism is healthy, it's important to purchase a high-quality product. There are many scientific research results supporting this particular flavonoid. But when making a purchase, you should check for high bioavailability and ensure the product has been carefully processed so that your body will be able to make optimal use of the great potential of this plant extract.

Plants produce rutin to protect themselves from harmful UV radiation, and this pigment or dye is considered to be beneficial for human health. Rutin is regarded as a powerful antioxidant and has long been used in traditional Chinese medicine and herbal medicine practice. When vitamins were first discovered at the beginning of the 20th century, rutin was at that time grouped together along with other flavonoids such as quercetin, which is why it is still often referred to as vitamin P or the permeability vitamin. We now know it is not a real vitamin in the scientific sense. However, that doesn't change the benefits rutin can bring to your health. Thus it is often recommended to support the health of blood vessels and connective tissue.

Exactly what health benefits can rutin offer?

Because we offer rutin as a synergistic combination preparation, this discussion will focus specifically on rutin at this juncture. In addition to the flavonoid rutin, our capsules also contain lecithin and vitamin C to support the optimal development of rutin's health-promoting potential. In its original state, rutin is yellowish in color and is usually harvested in a loose powder form. Rutin is an organic compound that consists of sugar and alcohol molecules, and are essential for the healthy metabolism of many plants. It is found, for example, in the pulp of citrus fruits, buckwheat, and apples. We get our own rutin supplies from the Japanese Cord Tree. This is also called the ‘pagoda tree', and is known to experts as styphnolobium japonicum. It belongs to what botanists term the family of papilionaceous plants native to China and Korea, whose flowers resemble butterflies. Since the 18th century, it has also enjoyed increasing popularity in European gardens. Our own rutin preparation is based on the flowers of this plant.

  • Vascular health and blood quality: Rutin contributes to maintaining normal cholesterol levels and thus supports the body's blood vessels. [1] [2] [3]
  • Antioxidant effects: This flavonoid becomes active in the body where it becomes a so-called radical scavenger. It can have a positive effect on the body's metabolism and on premature ageing. [2] [4]
  • Skin and connective tissue: Rutin counteracts the negative effects of UV radiation and helps to promote healthy skin. [5] [6]

Using a very gentle process, we obtain absolutely pure extract which thus has a particularly high bioavailability. We employ a special water-ethanol extraction process in order to exclude all unwanted contamination. The rutin obtained from cord tree blossoms is retained in its original form, and our preparation preserves it at the highest possible degree of purity. This claim is very much a part of our own self-image. With any provider, you should always make sure only the very best processes are used, and that nothing less than optimal processing methods are used e.g. for reasons of cost. Our own thinking about quality is based on current research results and our years of manufacturing experience. We constantly prove our adherence to the highest quality standards through ongoing research and constant product monitoring.

Lecithin and Vitamin C

There are certain ways to ensure that the body can optimally absorb and metabolize rutin. That's why we offer our rutin as a combination preparation which contains both lecithin and vitamin C in addition to the plant-based active ingredient. Lecithin is a phospholipid that is used to support cognitive functions [7]. And the well-known vitamin C, commonly used to strengthen the immune system, can also help to optimize blood pressure when it is taken in the correct way [8].

What should you consider when you buy rutin?

Rutin is closely related to quercetin, and these two flavonoids are very often equated. But that's not quite the whole story. While these materials are very similar in some ways, they do not have the exact same structure. Rutin is a so-called quercetin glycoside, which is a special form of organic compound that is primarily associated with its separation from sugar. For the human body, this means that it will metabolize certain vital substances a little differently. And because metabolism itself is an extremely complex matter, rutin and quercetin are each known to have slightly different effects. Reputable suppliers of nutritional supplements should, of course, be fully aware of all this. So if you would like to find out more about this topic, you will not only find some important information about rutin on our website, we also present some detailed information about quercetin too. And should you still have any further questions, our service team will be more than happy to help.

  • Complete quality assurance: We have all our products checked on an ongoing basis, and we also use our own independent laboratory tests.
  • Inclusion of scientific findings: The world's knowledge base is forever growing daily, so we always keep an eye open for any new studies or ongoing studies with fresh results, and always put our trust in modern research outcomes.
  • Purity requirements: Those who want to be naturally healthy also need access to natural products. We know how important this is and therefore only offer absolutely pure preparations we know to be well tolerated.

The name vitamin P is often still used in some retail locations. This is now a very outdated term for flavonoids. Sometimes rutin is also offered and described as a permeability factor. It is a substance which has a diverse range of uses [9].

Products and dosage forms

Most commercially available rutin preparations contain only small doses of the flavonoid itself. So, when purchasing rutin, please pay careful attention to the optimal dosage you require. Our Rutin 500 mg capsules are made from a 530 mg extract. In addition, you will often find only mono-preparations offered for sale. Our combination preparation also contains lecithin and vitamin C. This combination of ingredients is the best way to be able to access the full potential of this plant pigment.

Ingestion and application

Rutin is a natural dye, and the Japanese pagoda tree contains particularly high levels of this natural substance. It is also found in buckwheat or green tea, though the content level is much lower with these sources. In addition, there is always the question of how an active ingredient can be extracted in its purest form and then absorbed by the human body as effectively as possible. One 500 mg rutin capsule per day is a sufficient dose to optimally support blood vessel health.

Who would ideally benefit from taking rutin?

  • Seniors: Rutin helps maintain cognitive functions and is particularly valuable for supporting memory functions.
  • Women: Regardless of whether you want to have children, or are experiencing the menopause, if your body has to cope with special demands, then rutin can support your metabolism.
  • Students and office workers: Anyone who has to work long hours while sitting a lot will naturally be concerned about veins and blood vessels. Flavonoids are used to protect blood vessels and tissues [10].

Ingredients and dosage

During its extraction, rutin is obtained as a yellow powder. Yet powder is always comparatively difficult to dose accurately. Powder can also lose its quality far more quickly because it is always prone to moisture build-up. That's why we offer our high-dose rutin in a capsule form. This makes it much easier to take your supplement with you when you travel. And our Rutin 500 mg capsules not only contain a rich amount of rutin but also lecithin and vitamin C for maximum bioavailability and holistic health benefits.

Additives and allergens

When buying rutin, make sure that the manufacturing process itself is fully traceable. This is especially important for allergy sufferers, who will need to know that a product does not contain any substances which could have a potentially undesirable effect. We only use high-quality raw materials. Our production process is fully documented at all times. And for your complete safety, we subject our preparations to regular laboratory controls.

Satisfaction and money-back guarantee

Everyone is naturally a little different. So it is, therefore, possible that you may only find out after making your purchase that the product does not actually meet your needs. We understand that, and therefore offer you a very uncomplicated money-back guarantee. Because only the highest quality products are included in our range, we are nevertheless convinced that you will be satisfied with our Rutin 500 mg capsules. Please contact our service team if you have any further questions.

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