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UltraPure Spirulina

UltraPure Spirulina by Vitality Nutritionals

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  • improves energy and performance
  • reduces appetite
  • shortens your recovery period
  • improves your concentration
  • strengthens your immune system
  • contains 60% of valuable vegetable protein
  • natural source for vitamins and minerals
300 Tablets
Delivery within 7-20 working days

Organic Spirulina for more energy and vitality

Pure certified organic Spirulina for more energy and vitality

UltraPure Spirulina is a pure product of nature without additives. Independent certificates guarantee it´s unreached purity and organic quality.

UltraPure Spirulina is

  • nature pure, guaranteed cultivated without pestizides and herbizides
  • grown without the use of artificial or animal fertilizer
  • certified according to independent examination standard
  • 62% plant source protein with all 18 amino acids
  • a rich source of carotinoides, B-vitamines and folic acid
  • rich in iron, minerals and trace elements
  • rich in gamma linoleic acid and chlorophyll
  • pressed into tablets without additional expedients
  • his fresh-water algae contains only 1,12mcg Iodine per gram

Pure certified organic Spirulina

Of all natural foods known to mankind, Spirulina is the most packed with nutrients. These concentrated nutrients make Spirulina the ideal supplement for people of all ages.

This blue-green micro alga is the perfect nutrition supplement - rich in valuable nutrients and amino acids. Many people who regularly consume Spirulina feel more energetic, mentally sharper and more alive.

The water which is used to grow the organic Spirulina, which is used in UltraPure Spirulina, is free of pesticides and insecticides, but rich in minerals. After the harvest, it is carefully dried in a cool and low-oxygen environment.

No chemical substances, colorants or stabilizers are used. Neither chemical synthesis nor genetic manipulation nor radiation alter the naturalness of this ancient plant The only thing added before the tablets are cold-pressed is siliceous earth.

Thus, UltraPure Spirulina is nothing but naturally processed food from which water has been extracted, just like dried fruits. This procedure guarantees preservation of the highest possible quantity of the nutrients contained.

How much UltraPure Spirulina should I take, and when?

As a supplement to your daily diet, we recommend a minimum of 7 tabs (ca. 3g) a day. But since UltraPure Spirulina is a pure and natural substance, it is perfectly safe to exceed that amount in order to find the dosage that suits your individual health program best.

12-25 tabs, either at the same time or distributed over the whole day, is a reasonable quantity. Some people may not like the idea of swallowing such quantities of tablets on a daily basis, but please remember that Spirulina is food and not medication.

The only reason why Spirulina should come in tablets is that it does not not taste very well.

Spirulina - a popular supplier of vital elements for centuries

Spirulina is a unique blue-green micro-seaweed and is one of the oldest plant organisms on earth. The emergence of highly-developed life on earth only came into being through its immense production of oxygen. Its genetic code contains the knowledge of millennia of development.

Spirulina improves health, vitality and energy

Aztecs in ancient Mexico consumed the micro-seaweed Spirulina centuries ago. Olympic athletes use it for its performance-enhancing capacity. More and more, responsible modern people in numerous countries, such as the USA, Japan, France and Germany appreciate Spirulina and use it to protect their health and increase their vitality.

Spirulina provides you with an extraordinary density of nutrients which your body needs. Spirulina uniquely supplements your basic supply of vital nutrients. Spirulina offers a wealth of ingredients as it can only be composed by nature itself.

What can Spirulina do?

  • contains 60% of valuable vegetable protein
  • natural source of vitamins and minerals
  • improves energy and performance
  • reduces appetite
  • improves concentration
  • strengthens the immune system
  • shortens the recovery period

When should you consume Spirulina?

  • if you experience intense stress
  • for faster recuperation after sickness or exhaustion
  • during fasts and diets
  • when losing minerals, e.g. when sweating
  • during pregnancy and nursing

Spirulina is a micro-seaweed with plenty of power

Spirulina can provide you with an extraordinary multitude of nutrients and can supplement your nutrition in unique ways.

1. Protein

Spirulina contains 60-70% pure vegetable protein. All essential amino acids are present in balanced proportions. Its bioavailability is unmatched. The protein contained in Spirulina is especially quickly absorbed and made available in the blood.

2. Iron

Women, children and older people often don't have a sufficient supply of iron. Spirulina adds bivalent, organically-bound and highly bioavailable iron to your diet. It is more readily available than iron in vegetables or fish. 10 grams of Spirulina cover about two thirds of the average daily need of adults.

3. Minerals

Spirulina is a natural source of Magnesium, Calcium, Phosphor, Calium and trace elements such as Copper, Manganese and Chromium.

4. Beta-Carotene

Beta-Carotene and other Carotenoids are precursors of the important Vitamin A. The human organism converts them to Vitamin A as necessary. The daily need in Vitamin A can be met by only about 5 grams of Spirulina.

5. Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an antioxidant and helps reduce the creation of Free Oxygen-Radicals, especially when combined with Beta-Carotene and Vitamin C.

6. Vitamin B - Complex

The complete Vitamin B spectrum is present in Spirulina. This is of special importance as normal nutrition often does not supply the required amounts.

7. Essential Fatty Acids

Spirulina contains a number of essential fatty acids. Special mention should be given to Gamma-Linoleic Acid, which is only present in a few select sources, such as mother's milk.

8. Chlorophyll

The sun's energy is stored in Chlorophyll. It is very similar to our blood's hemoglobin and helps supply our cells with oxygen. Spirulina is rich in green Chlorophyll and blue Phycocyanine.

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Product Information
UltraPure Spirulina
Item No. 6905
Brand Vitality Nutritionals
Pack Size 300 Tablets
Serving Size 3 Tablets
Servings per unit 100
Made in Germany
Suggested Use
Take 3 times daily 3 tablets with water. The daily dose may be increased to 3 times daily 8 tablets if needed. To benefit from its amazing revitalizing effect UltraPure Spirulina should be taken at least for a period of 3 month.

Some people may be surprised by the recommended high dosage. But remember, Spirulina is a natural food and no drug. The main reason why it is offered in form of a tablet is the fact, that Spirulina has a unique taste and therefore can be easier taken in tablet form.
Nutrition Facts
9 tablets 500mg each (daily recommended dose) contain:
  • 2,8g Protein
  • 0,9g Carbohydrates
  • 0,25g Fat
  • 17 Calories
Minerals per 100g (200 tablets):
  • 400-800mg Magnesium
  • 300-500mg Calcium
  • 1000-1700mg Sodium
  • 1300-1650mg Potassium
  • 800-1000mg Phosporus
  • 60-80mg Iron
  • 2-4mg Zinc
  • 1-2mg Copper
  • 1-3mg Manganese
  • 0,2-0,5mg Chromium
  • 0,05-0,2mg Selenium
  • 0,112mg Iodine
Vitamins per 100g:
  • 2,5-5mg Vitamin B1
  • 4-7mg Vitamin B2
  • 2-4mg Vitamin B6
  • 3-6mg Niacin
  • 0,05-0,2mg Cyanocobalamin
  • 0,05-0,3mg Folic acid
Phytopigments per 100g:
  • 380-470mg Carotinoides (total)
  • 150-240mg Carotenes
  • 160-230mg Xantohphylls
  • 1200-1600mg Chlorophyll
  • 14000-18000mg Phycocyanin
Amino Acids per 100g:
  • 4-5g Alanine
  • 3-5g Arginine
  • 1,5-3g Aspartic acid
  • 0,50-0,75g Cystine
  • 6-9g Glutamic acid
  • 2-4g Glycine
  • 0,5-1,5g Histidine
  • 3-4g Isoleucine*
  • 3-5g Leucine*
  • 3-6g Lysine*
  • 1-6g Methionine*
  • 2,5-3,5g Phenylalanine*
  • 2-3g Proline
  • 3-4,5g Serine
  • 1,5-3g Threonine*
  • 1-2g Tryptophan*
  • 1-3g Tyrosine
  • 1-3,5g Valine*
  • (*essential amino acids)
Fatty Acids per 100g:
  • 0,05-0,1g Myristic acid
  • 1-2g Palmitic acid
  • 0,1-0,2g Stearic acid
  • 0,1-0,2g Oleic acid
  • 0,5-0,9g Linoleic acid
  • 0,5-1g Gamma Linoleic acid
Organic Spirulina (blue-green micro algae)

Guaranteed pure and free from additives:
  • free from lactose, gluten, sugar, salt, eggs, yeast
  • free from wheat and dairy products
  • free from artificial colors and preservatives
  • free from genetically modified substances
  • free from animal products
  • suitable for Vegetarians, Vegans and Diabetics

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