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HiLife by Vitality
For antioxidant Power
  • Full spectrum of plant-based ingredients that give you vitamins, minerals and even enzymes
  • Vitalizes your whole body
  • It even supplies trace elements
£ 24.90
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Vitamin D3 5000 K2 200
Vitamin D3 5000 plus K2 200 by Vitality
To maintain a healthy vitamin D level
  • Highly dosed: 5000 IU D3 and 200 mcg K2
  • Contains 100% natural all-trans Vitamin K2 as MK7
  • 100 % Free from additives and allergens
£ 22.90
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Curcumin Royal
Curcumin Royal by Vitality
For the brain and nerves
  • 700% more bioavailable and effective
  • high content of 400mg Curcumin Extract
  • long lasting activity from 8-12 hours
  • 100% natural and free of additives
£ 29.90
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Activate your health with 30 years experience:

More and more people are aware that you have to take care of yourself to stay healthy. Our bodies can only function optimally when they are supplied with enough vitamins and minerals. Our products are the most comfortable way to guarantee your supply with the most valuable active ingredients of nature.

With 30 years of experience, we are the right ones to supply you with the highest quality vital nutrients - in an effective composition and dosage.

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