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Comprehensive support through special formulas

5 May 2023


Serosan Pro

With Serosan Pro you help your body and mind to regain emotional balance. Serenity, calmness, and contentment are not a matter of course in these fast-paced times. At the
same time, persistent stress leads to physical and mental disorders. It is therefore even more important to help the brain produce the famous happiness neurotransmitters. Thanks to its harmonious 8-in-1 formula, this natural vegan mood enhancer works precisely in a holistic way.


BrainPower was developed to optimise brain metabolism and improve mental performance. It
contains scientifically tested active ingredients that promote blood flow to the brain, improve oxygenation, increase the energy of the brain cells, and promote the production of acetylcholine. Become a fast thinker with this innovative 5-in-1 multi-complex!


Do you feel exhausted, apathetic, frustrated, irritable? If you have been emotionally and
physically overworked for too long by constant stress, your vital energy is depleted. ZenRylax® helps you to overcome the stresses of everyday life with more vitality and inner peace. Let yourself be supported by the anti-stress capsules with their unique 7-in-1 formula - for better resistance and quality of life.

Arthrol Pro

The 9 in 1 formula: Arthrol Pro® combines 5 high quality herbal extracts with vitamins B6,
D, manganese, and copper. This clinically proven, fast-acting joint formula is also suitable for vegetarians - thanks to collagen from eggshell membrane powder. With only 2 capsules per day, the innovative formula targets all parts of the musculoskeletal system, which includes not only joints and bones, but also muscles and connective tissue.

ReviSleep Pro

ReviSleep Pro is a unique sleep aid for people who have difficulty falling asleep. A
perfectly matched mixture of melatonin and four well-known herbal active ingredients promotes sleep onset and sleep maintenance. Its high bioavailability and good tolerance, without any addictive effects, make ReviSleep® a reliable support for lifestyle and age-related sleep problems. Wake up refreshed in the morning thanks to the special two-phase technology of ReviSleep® Pro capsules!

Menosol Pro

Hot flushes, sleep disturbances, mood swings: The menopause can pose unpleasant
physical and psychological challenges for women. But nature does not leave you alone during this natural transition period and supports your well-being and inner balance with effective vital substances. You too can benefit from the Meno 5 in 1 complex!

Prosta Pro

From around the age of 30 onwards, the likelihood of the prostate enlarging gradually
increases. This is a completely natural process, but it can lead to discomfortafter a certain point. The innovative Prosta Pro vital substance complex for men's health helps you to improve your well-being. Let the high-quality 9-in-1 formula for men's health convince you!


Serenity is ideal to support you in a natural way with feelings such as inner turmoil,
uncertainty, nervousness, and anxiety. Taking Serenity regularly compensates for the lack of calming neurotransmitters and strengthens mental health. The neurotransmitters that can combat internal tensions are produced in greater quantities in the brain and central nervous system. If your body and mind need to relax, the innovative 8 in 1 formula may help you reduce distracting thoughts.

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Ich lebe in Spanien und muss Ihre Europaseite zum Bestellen benutzen. Dadurch werde ich gezwungen den Dialog in Englisch zu führen und Produktinformationen in English zu lesen, was ich zwar kann aber nicht will. Es wäre super, wenn man die Prozesssprache auswählen könnte.

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