Moringa Supplements - what you should know!

A search for all-natural remedies will lead you to Moringa. True, it is preventative rather than curative, but it has a variety of purposes in a healthy lifestyle. Moringa addresses health issues surrounding weight, skin, digestion, infection, among numerous others.

What is Moringa?

Moringa supplements are made from substances found in the Moringa Oleifera tree. This tree is famous among herbalists because of its long therapeutic tradition and because every inch of it can be used in natural treatments.

The tree grows in tropical climates; it is mainly cultivated in parts of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan. Used topically, Moringa salves have antibacterial properties and can mattify skin.

Moringa oil is commercially available as a key ingredient in select fragrances, foods, hair care products, and industrial lubricants. The seed shell can be used in a variety of environmentally friendly yard treatments.

Moringa health benefits

  • improves sexual health
  • treats infection
  • kills bacteria
  • improves immune system
  • stimulates the production of breast milk
  • clears up oily skin
  • provides supplemental vitamins and minerals
  • quells inflammation
  • fights kidney stones
  • helps prevent health problems
  • soothes arthritis
  • mitigates anemia
  • lowers blood pressure
  • alleviates stomach pain
  • heals athlete's foot
  • treats dandruff
  • eliminates warts
  • cares for gingivitis
  • Moringa - an excellent source of nutrients

    The leaves of the Moringa plant are widely used to supplement meals in areas affected by malnutrition due to poverty. However, Moringa is beneficial for everyone.

    Moringa complements any diet plan. It provides nutrition without excess calories and saturated fats. Because of its extraordinary vitamin C and vitamin A content, Moringa can be an excellent substitute for higher calorie fruits.

    These vitamins support healthy eyes, skin, and bones. Levels of the minerals iron, potassium, and calcium are at par with Moringa's vegetable counterparts, only condensed into one serving. Iron is often recommended as a supplement for young women, and a diet rich in Moringa can provide sufficient iron levels and help prevent anemia.

    Beside soy, Moringa is also a good vegan protein source; all of the essential amino acids are found in Moringa leaves. The abundant B vitamins boost metabolism, which can also aid in weight loss.

    Moringa - a natural energy booster

    Boosting metabolism means boosting energy. The nutritional content of Moringa also lends itself to an active and alert lifestyle. This is great for those who want to be energized at work or keep up their energy during a workout.

    The high bio-availability of Moringa allows it to be absorbed quickly by the body, providing instant fuel. Nutritional shots of Moringa contain enough of the plant to provide you with up to 7 hours of increased stamina.

    Moringa for the support of a diet

    As a weight loss tool, Moringa is most commonly purchased in capsule form. The capsules are taken daily and work in the same way as the leaves.

    The nutritional content will replace many of the nutrients lost by eliminating calories from the diet. Taking Moringa creates a healthy balance of hormonal, pH, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels. This harmony actually makes it easier to maintain homeostasis, so Moringa can help keep conditions caused by unstable systems under control.

    Bitter compounds in Moringa improve digestion and optimize this way the metabolism and fat burning. Furthermore Moringa contains essential amino acids, which are important to help to protect muscle mass during a diet phase.

    Moringa and inflammation

    In addition to strengthening the immune system, Moringa will treat the symptoms of bacterial diseases. Moringa powder is ideal to cleanse and purge the body of harmful bacteria, which are responsible for a large range of infections.

    Inflammation is the result of the immune system's instinctual reaction to remove the source of disease. Anti-inflammatory compounds such as oleic-acid, cysteine, and chlorophyll found in Moringa will eradicate the bacteria without uncomfortable and visible redness and swelling.

    Who may benefit from taking a Moringa supplement?

    • Persons with skin disorders and troubled skin
    • Cancer patients
    • Persons with stomach and digestive issues
    • Persons with infections
    • Anyone who wants a diet dense in nutrients

    Does Moringa have any side effects?

    Moringa is a natural food which is suitable for people of all ages. As well as for children, seniors, adolescents and also pregnant and breastfeeding women.

    Note that though Moringa is proven to increase lactation, the effects on the baby during breastfeeding are not yet sufficiently researched.

    Moringa dosage and recommendations

    You can take up to 6 gram Moringa powder daily over an unlimited period of time. The dosage should be slowly raised, because too much Moringa will have the same effect as a laxative. Nausea is also a sign that you should take a lower dose.

    Why take Moringa capsules?

    • prevent and treat a variety of bacterial diseases
    • enjoy a natural and complete alternative to synthetic supplements
    • cleanse your body
    • increase your quality of life

    Other names of Moringa

    Drumstick tree, Horseradish tree, Mother's Best Friend, Radish tree, West Indian ben
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