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  • Guaranteed product quality - tested by independent laboratories
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  • Guaranteed, certified MGO content - through tested, standardized raw materials
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Original Manuka honey from New Zealand

The natives of New Zealand already know about the power of Manka honey. They valued it as part of their diet - but also used it because of its antibacterial and antiseptic effects for internal and external treatment of wounds and complaints.

The South Sea myrtle occurs only in the remote, untouched mountain regions of New Zealand. Busy bees collect nectar from their flowers, which contains a substance called dihydroxyacetone. When the nectar has been processed into honey - the famous Manuka honey - in the beehive, methylglyoxal, also known as MGO, is created from dihydroxyacetone, to which the effects known to the indigenous people are ascribed.

Manuka honey with certified MGO content

The Manuka Honey from Manuka Health is then stored for at least one more year so that the MGO content can fully develop.

In order to be able to optimally benefit from the MGO in Manuka honey, the exact MGO content must be written out. At the Technical University Dresden, scientists developed an MGO TM certification for Manuka honeys. Reliable standards for the evaluation of the MGO content were established.

Each batch of the original Manuka honey from Manuka Health is tested and certified for the MGO content according to the standards of the Technical University Dresden. Quality and purity are therefore guaranteed.

What are the benefits of Manuka Honey from Manuka Health?

  • Original certified Manuka honey from New Zealand.
  • Traceable from the beekeeper to the finished product.
  • A 100% pure natural product, without additives and preservatives.
  • Each batch with certified MGO content.
  • Free from allergens and impurities.
  • Slightly bitter but pleasant taste with a velvety melt.

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